Men who kiss and tell are not sensible

Sensible men don’t kiss and tell. It’s irritating to hear some men boast about the number of women they have had sex with.It is not normal behaviour for men to talk about their sexual conquests in a bid to shame women.

A man sees a woman he fancies, he runs after her with resilience. He woos her with sweet lines and poetic lyrics. He captures her heart by hook and crook means. He pretends to love her and care about her well being.

He does the right things and says the right words. He prepares her for the ultimate day, the day of slaughter as these guys jokingly call having sex with a woman. And then he waits for her to open the gates of her kingdom to him.

When they finally have sex, he starts feeling like someone who accomplished something extraordinary. He beams from ear to ear, smiling sheepishly like a teenager who ate his favourite food. He then rushes back to his friends to talk about what happened. He shares the details of his tryst with his equally immature and insensible friends.

They start hailing him for chopping the girl. They call him the man. They call him chairman. They are happy for him for taking another naive sheep to the slaughter house successfully. They drink to many more bodies that will be slaughtered in future.

How can you be boasting about something as trivial as consensual sex to your friends and you think you are okay upstairs? Two people had sex and in your twisted mind, you have to shame the woman for engaging in the same act with you? Do you think you have sense when you kiss and tell? Sensible guys don’t kiss and tell.

Sensible men don’t kiss and tell

I went somewhere recently. I was surrounded by some guys who were talking about their many sexual experiences with different women. I felt irritated and angry looking at these small boys taking trash about the bodies of different women and how they performed in bed in public. Such silly boys!

Their mouths were leaking like gutters by the wayside. Their words were dirty, filthy, and repulsive. These guys didn’t bother about where they are or who might hear them, they were busy talking about the women they have had sex with. I wonder who raised them to begin with.

I know men talk about some things whenever they gather, but talking about the girls you have had sex with in such a derogatory manner in public is trashy behaviour. It reeks of low self esteem. If you are sure about yourself as a man, you don’t need to kiss and tell. You don’t have to boast about having sex with your unintelligent friends.

If only some ladies know the kind of immature boys they are dealing with, they won’t waste their time having sex with them. They won’t expose their nakedness to boys who were badly raised and those who see sex as something women should be ashamed of.

Listening to these guys mention the names of the girls they have knacked and how long it took for them to get these girls to open their legs, one would think there was a price for having sex. They were tabling their different experiences as if they were competing against one another. The trash coming out from their mouths would make any sensible person shiver.

But trust some Nigerians, they don’t see anything wrong with men who kiss and tell. They don’t see anything wrong with men who think they have taken something tangible away from women by having sex with them. They don’t see anything wrong with men boasting about their many sexual conquests in public as if that makes them real men.

Men who kiss and tell see relationships as fun and games. They believe it is normal male behaviour to make a woman bow to their sexual demands and then drink to the conquest later with friends. To them, the more the body count, the merrier. Such despicable behaviour stinks!

I was particularly miffed by one of the guys who wouldn’t stop going on and on about how the lady he was with the previous night kept moaning. He was recounting his sexual encounter with this girl in vivid details on top of his voice and when I shot him a glance, he was too engrossed to notice how foolish he was for doing such a thing in public.

This boy, I won’t call him a man, talked about how hard he worked on this particular lady and he concluded that he definitely had her hooked. He talked about how sweet she was, how well shaven she was, how nice she smelt, how she raised her legs and her facial expressions as well as her pleas for him not to stop. He even suggested that his friends try her too because she was sweet.

At a point, I stood up and left the place where they were and sat somewhere else because I was visibly angry listening to them talk, but it got me thinking. I thought about the poor lady who didn’t know how her body was being dissected among some strangers. I thought about the many ladies who have been victims of men who kiss and tell. I shook my head in disgust.

I know some men can’t do without kissing and telling because this society has taught them that they can do whatever they like and get away with it because of their gender. I know some men just want sex from women and have no intention of building relationships with them because they have conditioned by this society that no matter how promiscuous they are; they will end up getting good girls to marry.

But what I find distasteful and annoying is the narrative of shaming women for having sex. Who did they have sex with? Why are men not being shamed with having sex with different women? Why do women have to be ashamed of enjoying something as sweet and orgasmic as sex?

The sad part is that some of these guys who talk trash about sleeping with different women are terrible in bed. They give these women below average sex and still boast about their non-existent sexual prowess to their friends. Some of them don’t even know how to kiss a woman properly without bathing her with saliva or trying to swallow her tongue in the name of French kiss.

Some of these guys who kiss and tell don’t even know how to make a woman’s body tremble with pleasure. They haven’t mastered the art of giving a woman maximum sexual pleasure. They rush in and rush out of these women in two minutes and still talk about it shamelessly with their buddies. It is funny that they think they are the best thing that happened to these ladies after ice cream.

Guys, it is disgusting and disrespectful to kiss and tell. Grow up and stop disgracing yourself in public for being a community penis. It doesn’t speak well of you. You should be ashamed of revealing the intimate details of what happened between you and your women in public.

You should know that some of these guys who will hail you for telling them how you enjoyed sex with different ladies won’t take you serious because deep down, they know you have a bad character.

They might laugh with you but when time comes for business, they will pass you over and look for someone more sensible and responsible because they know that you have gutter behaviour. They know they can’t trust you with something serious because you have a leaky mouth and sensible guys don’t kiss and tell.


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