Dos and donts of sensitive skin women should know

Women with sensitive skin react to certain  triggers which include the weather, allergies, or certain products.

If you have a sensitive skin, your skin might dry out, feel itchy, turn red, sting, get bumps or hives and skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis are often to blame.

Here are some of the dos and donts of sensitive skin women of all ages should be aware of:

Do: Read labels

Look for the words gentle on skin or for sensitive skin on labels when you shop for products that you want to use on your body. Check the ingredients too to be on a safe side. You can spot what’s likely to make your skin flare and avoid it. You should know that the fewer ingredients, the better.

Don’t: Handle harsh cleaners

Chemicals found in common cleaners can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Steer clear of products with warning labels about skin irritation, and avoid ingredients like bleach, alcohol, ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite, and trisodium phosphate. If you are in doubt about the harshness of some cleaning products, please wear gloves!

Do: Test products first before buying 

If you are still learning what sets your skin off, it is a smart idea to do a patch test with any new product before you commit yourself to using it. Choose a small section of your skin and dab some of the new product on. If you see a reaction within 72 hours, you will know it isn’t for you. But if your skin doesn’t react to it, you are good to go.

Don’t: Scrub your skin

Avoid certain products that promise to work wonders on your skin with chemicals. According to Dermatologists, you don’t need to exfoliate to clean your skin. It could make your symptoms worse. Make sure you don’t scrub your skin. You will cause more skin discomfort for yourself.

Dos and donts of sensitive skin

Do: Skip the fragrance

Many beauty products promise sweet smells as a selling point. But fragrance is an ingredient your sensitive skin doesn’t need because often times, it can’t handle it. Avoid products with fragrance, alcohols, soaps, or dyes. Do yourself a favour and stick to simple skin products.

Don’t: Clog with cosmetics

You don’t have to wear makeup all the time  if your skin is sensitive. You should pay close attention to what’s in your makeup products too. As a rule, stick to non-waterproof options that aren’t very thick. Look for non comedogenic on the label. That means it won’t clog up your pores.

Do: Choose clothing with care

Wool and other rough fabrics can be itchy even if your skin isn’t sensitive. Wool could even cause an allergic rash. Lanolin is a natural wax found in wool, and some clothes still have it. Opt for softer choices like cotton and silk.

Don’t: Expose skin to the weather 

Cover up when it’s cold outside. Wrap your sensitive facial skin with a soft scarf. Cover your hands with gloves to prevent dryness. Follow a daily sunscreen routine year-round to block damaging rays of the sun.

Do: Moisturize daily 

Dry skin leads to irritated skin. It can cause conditions like eczema to flare. The best way to keep your skin from drying out is to trap water inside it when it’s wet. Use a thick but gentle moisturizer like an ointment or cream right after you bath to lock in water and keep skin supple.

Don’t: Stress yourself out

It’s normal human behavior to get busy or worried from time to time, but it can affect your skin if it persists. Find ways to ease stress so that your skin doesn’t suffer. Practice some relaxation techniques. Get good sleep. Exercise and eat right. Your body and skin will thank you for your efforts.


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