Why is it hard to break up with someone you have slept with asks Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim recently asked her followers a question.

She said that when it comes to relationships, why is it harder to break up with someone you have had sex with versus the one you haven’t rolled in the hay with?

Juliet Ibrahim wrote:

“How many of you know that it’s harder for you to break up with someone you’ve slept with versus someone you haven’t slept with?”

But ladies, let’s talk.

Is it true that it is harder to break up with someone you have slept with?

Juliet Ibrahim

What makes it harder? Is it our mindset or our feelings that once we have had sex with a guy, he owes us something?

Is it the mentality that sex is something we give to a man other than what two mature people agree to enjoy?

Let me tell you a story.

One day, a lady sent me a message saying that her boyfriend broke her heart when he broke up with her after two years of dating.

He just woke up one day and told her that he doesn’t love her anymore and that he doesn’t see her in his future. He pleaded with her to move on with her life and her will do the same.

Beautiful actress Juliet Ibrahim

She pleaded with him for while to reconsider because she loved him so much but he refused. She started trying to blackmail him with using her sexually but he refused to bulge or take her back.

She asked me if she could get him back with sex and I said no. I reminded her that sex is not a weapon you should use to keep a man by your side.

She said it would be hard to let him go because she gave him too much sex. And I’m like what da hell is too much sex? Sex is not something you give a man. Sex is what you enjoy with your man.

Ladies, let’s do away with the mentality that when we have sex, we are being used by men. That’s wrong.

Have it at the back of your mind that when you decide to have sex with a man, you decide to enjoy it too so nobody used anybody.



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