10 glaring signs you are not over your ex

Sometimes, you think you are over your ex but when you hear their name, you get angry, your heart starts pounding and you just want them to appear before you so that you can hurt them for leaving you.

I know how hard it is to get over someone you once loved and cared for and one who have envisaged a future with. When they break up with you, you feel like your world came crashing down.

It’s one thing to say that you are over your ex, but it’s another to actually be over them. This is why the saying ‘there’s a thin line between love and hate’ rings true in some cases. Moving on can be hard, but the first step is to actually admit that you are not over it.

Here are 10 signs that you are not really over your ex:

You aren’t happy that they are happy with someone else
When you are not over your ex, if you see that they get into a new relationship, you are not happy for them. In most cases, you say that their new partner isn’t attractive or you find another way to make them look like less of a person than you are.

You don’t like to hear their name
You can’t even stand the sound of their name without getting sad or upset. Just hearing their name brings memories rushing into your mind and in turn triggers your rash emotions. If you start shaking with anger whenever someone mentions your ex’s name, you are not over that person.

You shade their new partner
If you are not over your ex, you will have no qualms shading their new partner or husband. You get angry when they post the pictures of their new lover because you want it to be you displayed to the whole world.

10 signs you are not over your ex

You speak badly about them
It is not good to speak badly about your ex even if they cheated. At some point, that person was everything to you and bad mouthing them only reflects who you are as well as the choice you made. It makes you look bad when you continuously bad mouth your ex.

You disassociate yourself from the people you knew in common
You are unable to associate yourself with his family and friends. Most times, the people you meet through your ex will only preserve the memories you two shared together and remind you of them when they see you. If you are not over your ex, this is hard to overcome. When you are over your ex, you don’t have any problem talking to or being around those people.

You are not open to new relationship opportunities
You are completely turned off by the thought of another relationship. You ignore the people who hit on you. Some might argue, but I think holding yourself back from the opportunity to date again is a way of holding on just in case they come back to you.

You compare the potential of a new relationship to your past relationship
Not only are you not open to talking to that beautiful person who hit on you earlier, but you are bitter and negative about the thought of a new relationship simply based on the results of your last one. Every chance you get, you justify your reasons for why you won’t get into anything new by comparing it to things that happened with your ex.

You constantly talk about being over them
The only person who believes you when you say that you are over your ex is you. If you were really over your ex, your actions would say that for you. No one would question it and you definitely wouldn’t have to prove it to anybody that you are over them.

You can’t see yourself being friends with them 
Being friends with your ex is not a bad thing. In fact, when you are truly over your ex, it’s a good thing to be friends with them. If you cannot fathom being friends with your ex at all, it’s safe to say that your heart is still healing.

If they still bring about ill feelings for you, your heart has not yet coped with the fact that you two aren’t together anymore.

You try to turn others against them
When you are not over your ex, you work overtime to convince the rest of the world that he or she is a terrible person. When you have truly washed your hands of a person, you could care less what others think of them.

You cyber stalk them daily
You know exactly what I’m talking about. They are the first name in your recent searches on all of your social media platforms. You don’t check in on them though. You never reach out to them, but you keep up with their every move or post. You hiss when you see their posts and even wish them ill sometimes.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, just give yourself time to heal and take control of your feelings. You can get over them.

It will take some time, but it’s possible, so hang in there! Try as much as possible to heal your emotions before you enter into another relationship.


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