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Many instances society dictates women’s lives


Nigerian society says you are a woman…

You can be successful but not too much. You need a husband so that you can be seen as a very successful woman
You can make money but don’t make too much money. You won’t find a husband. Men don’t like women who are rich. They are proud and unsubmissive.
You can love sex but don’t talk about it so that men won’t think you are loose. You should keep quiet when sex is being discussed.
You can be opinionated but don’t show it. Men can’t stand women who have opinions and stick to them. You can’t succeed in marriage that way.
You have been sexually abused but keep it to yourself. Don’t tell your boyfriend. He might end up leaving you. Suck it in.
Successful blogger, Linda Ikeji
You have money to buy a car and rent a house but remain in your parent’s house. If you stay alone, you might miss a potential husband material.
You must not argue with a man. A man is always right. Even if he’s wrong, look away. Make him feel he’s right. That way, he will see you are a good wife material and marry you.
You should stop being selective for time is not on your side anymore. As it is menopause is calling your name and ringing a bell. Marry any man you see, even a useless one.
You shouldn’t ask your husband what he does with your salary. Don’t you know you must submit to him in everything including submitting your life if need be? Be a virtuous woman.
You are nothing without a man. All your accomplishments will end on one man’s kitchen so why are you wasting time getting all that education and experience.
But I say you are a woman…
You are created for much more. So, go for it!
You are not here to live for another person.
You are here to make impacts.
You are here to succeed and prosper.
You are here for your voice to be heard. Refuse to be silenced.
If you have a message for your world, preach it. Start now. Don’t stop. You only live once and life is short to be nothing but awesome.
Ladies, live your life for you.
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  2. Ebube says

    Yes, yes and more yes(es)!!! Women are much more than what people think. Remember, God made Eve for Adam. Adam was lonely with Eve. So no woman should ever drag themselves down because of what anyone thinks.

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