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Ladies call my dick a legend -Francis Van-Lare


Amara Blessing Nwosu is still being washed on social media by her soon to be ex husband, Francis Van-Lare.

He is still spilling some intimate details about their two year marriage. He claims she calls him a weak dick but ladies call his dick a legend.

He wrote this on Facebook:

“Those who know her know she is a tiger on social and main stream media.

She has journalist friends in Nigeria that can bury me the way she buried her ex husband she lied beat her and the man had no chance.

I caged her mouth by making sure all I did to her and her 4 children and still doing since they are still in my house are good things. That is how you shut up ungrateful people continue doing good because it is the last act people remember not the earlier million good ones.

She has spoken to a few people on phone where are they countering me? Before her surrogates can start spreading lies I put her true self out there. She has bad mouthed practically everyone that I know that helped her I feel like throwing up when I see some of them who gave their all and she cannot say thank you.

She tells people I am a mad man , she created the madness. Go and marry a woman that you spend $6,300 a month on her and kids last three years that I can prove since I sent her the statement and all you hear is no sex unless my name is on deed of house.


She says my love is fake and if I truly love her then her name should be on everything I own including those I own since she was in diapers. Let her talk na.

Amara Blessing Nwosu and Francis Van-Lare when the going was good

We were sleeping on same bed and we communicated by WhatsApp since anytime she opens her mouth to talk to me all I hear is abuse.

To quote her, ‘frail old man with a weak dick and you will soon die of diabetes. My dick was not weak when she was getting orgasm. A weak dick cannot doggy but she was getting doggy style and squirting and she says a weak dick just to make me feel bad .

This is someone that told me she has never orgasmed or squirted before until she met me that it is a good experience. Ladies call my dick a legend. Go Check with them some even get 7 orgasms in one session. Weak dick indeed.

She knows if she talks rubbish I have WhatsApp and text messages I can publish to prove my claim . When I reported to her siblings and her mother all were on WhatsApp.

My posts and comments will be on Internet so when I die in two years of diabetes as she predicted her story will follow her for life. Anytime someone does a background check on her they will know the truth of the soured soup.

I am welcoming her to America the country of reality, no free lunch so she should go and get multiple jobs like most of us did to survive.

When we got here not that someone will come from Nigeria with 4 children and not be working to even buy bottled water that she likes drinking and I drink tap water from my fridge and all I get is daily abuse.

If you know her tell her to pack from my house because very soon the sheriff will throw her stuff on the streets and she will want to use that to draw pity.”

What a couple!

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  2. Ijeluv says

    Francis Vanlare con man has changed lawyer. From cbikeluba a girl he took to Kenya to another chinwuba now a boy. Now a female architect. Everywhere he goes he fakes story. He went to turkey turned air bnb to his own. Drama every time and day. Tufia. Now he went to a factory and want to own electric car. His match marker has become a place he asks for money. Promising employment. He mortgaged his house in US second mortgage or he sold it to start this nonsense. Con man. He wants to act big so when he throws his 419 scheme people won’t know.

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