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Beware of enemies pretending to be friends


There are many enemies pretending to be friends these days.

These women are so sleek that you won’t believe they are the ones destroying your name behind your back.

They pretend to love and care for you but they are your enemies.

You should keep such people far from you if you want to live long.

One thing that hasn’t failed me as a woman in my relationships with people is trusting my instincts.

Whenever I start feeling uncomfortable around anyone or uncomfortable with what they say to me, I cut that person off immediately.

I once had a friend or someone I thought was a friend. We spent time together and went shopping together. Our husbands also became friends because of us.

Some friends are enemies in disguise

Later, I noticed that whenever I did something, she would rush to go do the same thing.


I noticed that she wanted to know everything about me and my family. She kept asking personal questions and wanting me to share my secrets with her.

Note that she doesn’t do the same. She hides things about herself and her family and am cool with it. It doesn’t bother me.

I became wary of her when I introduced her to another of my friend from my University days. They became close that my other friend would call her and they would go out together.

My friend also started avoiding me. She would accuse me of not calling her like this my other friend I introduced to her.

She started seeing bad things about our relationship, things went from bad to worse when she stopped picking my calls. The last time I tried calling her, I found out she got married and had a baby, she didn’t tell me. That was when I just shut her out of my life.

I also introduced my neighbour to this friend who I didn’t know was an enemy. She did the same thing again. She turned my neighbour against me. Today, we are no longer friends. I just packed two of them to one side and moved on.

The last person I introduced to her was the woman I bought clothes from. She also turned that one against me. That was the last straw. I told her to her face that she was a slimy bitch.

Of course, she denied everything. But I wasn’t ready to keep such a snake around me. Today, she’s history.

Women, stop keeping enemies as friends. If your friend is always competing with you , dump that person.

If your friend is always talking bad about you, you don’t need such a person around you.

If you know your friend is envious of you and the things you have achieved, don’t wait until they destroy you to know that you don’t keep snakes under your clothes.

If your friend doesn’t support you and your dreams, they don’t deserve to be in your life. Keep it moving.

If your friend is only interested in learning your secrets, run away. They want to use it against you in the future.

Stay away from enemies parading as friends. Your life will be better off. Love your own company.


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  2. Ebube says


  3. Jijah says

    Such friends bring nothing but pain. I experienced this twice, with two different friends and promised myself it will never happen again. Like you said the best thing is to cut them off as soon as you see the slightest sign. Resist the temptation to rationalize or make excuses for them. God has blessed us women with very strong instinct but we do not utilize it optimally. We sense something, and instead of taking immediate steps to forestall pain and hurt, we go on to ‘manage and see’. Never again for me!

    1. Kate says

      It’s best to cut them off immediately instead of giving them another opportunity to finish you off. Some friends are enemies in disguise. They deserve to be left in the dark.

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