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No woman should stop living because of a man


No woman should stop living because of a man.

No woman should give up her dreams and aspirations because of a man.

No woman should turn down opportunities to better her life because of a man.

No woman should relegate herself to the background because of a man.

No woman should become a shadow of herself because of a man.

Dear woman, you have to look at yourself not as the woman you are but as the woman you will become.

You have to think about what she will want and what she will be willing to fight for.

You have to chase your dreams. You have to work hard for the future you want.


And if a man decides to run with you, let him, but you shouldn’t allow him stop you.

If he threatens to leave because you are living your dreams, cut him loose with joy.

No woman should stop living because of a man

You don’t need a man who feels threatened by your success and prosperity.

You shouldn’t allow a man use a relationship to tie you down.

You shouldn’t allow him threaten you into giving up what you are passionate about.

You shouldn’t allow him make your dreams irrelevant.

Don’t stop living because of a man. Don’t stop dreaming big because of a man.

Live your best life. Run your best race. Run with all your strength. Run with no weight.

Remember why you started running in the first place and don’t allow anyone stop you.

Be your own woman. You don’t need validation from any man, especially an insecure one.

You should know that your life is yours to live.

You shouldn’t give up who you are because a man is dangling marriage before you.

You are for that man who knows that relationships are partnerships not master servant unions.

Keep your head up. Say no to all forms of abuse no matter how sweet it is coated.

Refuse to be manipulated out of living your best life. You shouldn’t stop living because a man married you.

Playing the victim weakens you. It drains you of the energy you need to achieve your dreams.

Refuse to be any man’s victim. You were not created to be a victim. Being a victim makes you powerless.

That’s not who you are. You are a goddess. You are a Queen. You are the best. You are unstoppable.

Woman, live your life to the full.


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