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10 rules of being the perfect side chick


If you must be a side chick, you must follow the side chick code of conduct. This is because being the other woman is not easy. Aside the gifts, sex and exciting escapades, you should know that deciding to be a man’s hidden partner come with heartaches, drama and scandals.

It is a known fact that some single and married women are romantically involved with single or married men who are in clearly defined relationships. Let’s not pretend that these things are not happening. Once it has become part of our reality, then it is best we talk about it. However, if you want to know how to walk away from being a side chick, just stay off men in committed relationships.

Woman, if you must play the love triangle game, you should know the side chick rules to follow to help you steer clear of trouble. Whether you want to believe it or not, being a side chick hurts. There’s more to being a side chick than sitting back and receiving gifts. There are side chick problems you should get yourself acquainted with if you want to be a great side chick. You just enjoy your man as much as he enjoys you, that’s all.

Here are 10 rules you shouldn’t break as the side dish:

You must not fall in love

Falling in love with your man is a bad idea. It will ruin the very foundation of the relationship, which is basically built on no-strings-attached, casual sex or friends with benefits kind of setup. You must not catch feelings because that will bring in more expectations and more complications that your man just doesn’t want.

You must know your place in his life

You must keep your expectations in check. Your man will not be there when you become unnecessarily and need a shoulder to cry on. He will not be there for Valentine’s dates, Christmas dinner, or birthdays. Don’t bother trying to be part of his holidays. These days are reserved for his wife or partner. You both can celebrate his birthday a day before or after with him.

How to be the perfect side chick

You have to remain under the radar

As a side chick, you have to remain in the shadows. You have to be under the radar, and communicate and meet up with your man without anyone else knowing. To avoid harsh judgment and criticism from friends and family, you must keep your relationship a secret. You cannot openly admit you have a man or even flaunt him.

You must know the risks

If you are dreaming of how to go from side chick to main chick, think again. Being a side chick, you should know what’s in store and what’s at risk. You must learn to disappear when he runs into his family or friends while you are together. Remember you two are only an item behind closed doors. Delete yourself out of any environment that may require introducing you or just accept whatever he introduces you as in good faith.

You must not stalk your man or his wife

Resist the temptation of stalking his main woman or even looking her up on social media. That you are more educated or prettier than she is, does not take away the fact that she remains his main woman. The less you know about her, the better for you. Technology can give you plenty means to stalk your man or his wife but don’t do that.

You must never leave evidence

You must not leave evidence even if you are tired of being the side dish. No matter where the two of you might have been, be sure not to leave anything that his main chick will trace back to you. Don’t leave anything in his car, no lipstick marks, no perfumes, not even a strand of hair.

You should know social media etiquette

As a side dish, you should know social media etiquettes. There should be no selfies with the guy, not even with his hand or his car. Don’t tag him on Facebook to your pictures even if you took the trip together. It is advisable not to follow him on any social media platform to avoid such temptations. Know just what to do when you are online, and don’t create fake accounts just to stalk him.

Learn to go with the flow

You should be prepared for lots of changes in your plans. If he said that he wanted to take you out to dinner and you even bought a new dress just for the occasion, but then he suddenly cancels, don’t take it personally. His family comes first. You should remember your place in his life and not start making a big fuss about sudden change of plans.

You must know that the main chick is not your concern

Don’t expect your man to come to you and talk about his troubles about his wife or girlfriend. You are not his shrink, and you are not his friend. Most of all, it is none of your business. In the same vein, don’t ask about his main chick, or even mention her name in a conversation. Even if he tells you they are having problems, encourage him to settle things with her. She’s not your business. Don’t badmouth his main woman either.

You should never get caught

A great side chick will not get caught. Know your escape plans if ever things get rough. This means that you shouldn’t let your guard down, whether or not you are with your man. Getting caught will complicate things for you and your man and you don’t need that as his side woman. People will call you names and castigate you for trying to break a relationship or marriage.

You shouldn’t forget to be his whore

Your man wants a vixen in bed not another boring woman. He wants someone who will keep him company, yet keep things light, not ask too much from him, not tire him up or tie him down. That’s his main chick’s job. Your job is to please him and make him keep coming back for you.

By following these side chick rules, you can be an excellent side chick, minus all the drama. You get to have fun with your man, not worry about responsibilities and expectations, and get all the perks of being the girl he comes back to for fun and great sex.


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