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5 ways to prevent your kids from becoming gadget addicts


Many children are becoming gadget addicts. They are getting so addicted to their phones, laptops, Ipads and play stations that parents should be worried. Children who are addicted to their gadgets lose concentration at school and their grades pay dearly for it. Some gadgets have restricted children’s imagination.

As a parent, you need to help your child or children find the right balance when embracing the real and virtual worlds. Most children’s play-grounds are virtual than real because they are always on their phones. They communicate more with their gadgets and this needs serious parental control.

It is true that technology is informative and entertaining, but it has disadvantages too. Parents need to know how to prevent technology addiction. Too much use of electronic gadgets has negative health effects on children. Too much addiction to gadgets causes rise of musculoskeletal problems in children.

Child gadget addiction needs to be treated firmly. Here are 5 tips for parents who want to digitally detox their children:

ways to prevent your children from being gadget addicts

Involve yourself

This is a very important aspect parents shouldn’t ignore. Even if you are overloaded with work and don’t find quality time to spend with your children, get involved by diverting their attention to other activities.

Parents can avoid having gadget addicts at home by spending quality time with their children. They can play games with them. Ask them questions about school, homework and friends. Don’t allow gadgets replace you in the lives of your children. Take action now.

No use of gadgets at meal time

If you want practical solutions to technology overuse, ban the use of gadgets during meal times in your house. Let your children know that meal time is what it is and shouldn’t be used to browse or play games.

Engage children in sports

Some children addicted to technology do that because they are bored. They can learn swimming, play football and cycle whenever they are bored. They can also go out and play with the other children in your neighborhood. This is how to distract kids from gadgets and divert their attention to real playgrounds.


Set activity time table

You can set time for studies, time to use gadgets, and time for outdoor activities. This is how to de addict kids from phones, laptops and play stations. They may find it hard to adjust but you need to be firm and strict about this. Create more fun-filled activities at home for them to partake in instead of staying glued to their phones and gadgets.

Maintain healthy sleeping routine

One of the ways of managing children’s consumption of electronic devices and preventing addiction to games is maintaining a healthy sleeping routine. Make it a rule for your children not to carry any electronic devices to bed.


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