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Kemi Adetiba’s thoughts on the transactional sex debate


Film maker, Kemi Adetiba has made her thoughts known regarding the ongoing transactional sex debate.

While she noted that an adult has the right to do whatever they wanted with their body, she wouldn’t want her sister, child, sibling or loved one engaging in such practices.

Read what Kemi Adetiba wrote:

I respect an adult’s decision to do whatever they please, but I don’t have to like or respect the decision itself. And no one can “big sentence” me into thinking that black is white and white is amber.

I am a discerning adult and will not take a hamper to my moral compass because some choose to connect dots so thin, you couldn’t even use the line to floss.

Kemi Adetiba

However, this is my moral code, and it should guide myself alone, while I “two cents” only those I care about against it. I also understand that circumstances are not as clear cut as many would like to imagine. Am I perfect?

Far from it. so I would hope that those that love me would call me to task whenever they see me veering off as well, instead of creating some cute explanation to mind-bend it away.

Let’s be frank…. I would not want my sister, child, mother, father, brother… Even friend’s nanny or gateman engaging in these practices. Now if they did, I would love them still, be forced to respect their decision, but best be sure, I would also be highly disappointed.


Because an adult has the right to do with their body as they please does not mean it is automatically responsible or respectable.

However, does a “Transactor” need my respect… No.

Does a “transactee” require my respect…. No.

And will I give my respect to either of them … quadruple  NO!!!

Ojoro cancel. Everyone on the field wins.”

Do you agree with her?


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