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Woman, marriage shouldn’t make you a dull furniture in a corner of the house


Dear woman, marriage shouldn’t make you a dull furniture in a corner of the house. You shouldn’t allow an insecure man make you begin to question your worth. It’s not worth it.

Take care of yourself. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You are desirable. You are another man’s treasure and fantasy. Don’t allow anyone destroy your self esteem.

Let me share this post with you. I read it on facebook. Enjoy it:

Dear Married woman…
Don’t be shocked. You will still be chased and wooed by other men even after 3 kids.
You will still get attracted to fine hawt men outside. And of course they will still notice you. You’re married, not invisible.
Stop thinking it’s only your man who should be protected from outsiders.
Woman, don’t be a dull furniture in a corner of the house
Stop watching War Room and developing high BP over “guarding your home”
That home is the responsibility of two adults who consciously took vows to build and guard it together!
Stop occupying all your days searching for Anti-Sidechick prayers and pesticides for strange women.
Stop making them your subjects of spiritual or physical attacks even if they actually exist outside of your imagination.
Your man also needs to protect you from those wandering penises roaming around.
Have you even thought of this?
Or you really think its only him who’s vulnerable to being chased?
As fat as you’ve grown, with all the postmarital weight you’ve added, there’s someone admiring you outside.
As haggard as you think you look, you’re occupying someone’s dreams and fantasies.
As we speak, someone is still trying to figure out how to approach you.
And tell you just how beautiful you make the day appear each time you’re seen!
Forget that lying mirror on your dresser and see your lovely self from those eyes for once.
Feel beautiful in your own skin!
You’re a Feast for the sight…šŸ˜
Marriage shouldn’t make you a dull, silent furniture in the corner of a house.
Rather, you should be a stunning painting that brightens up any room.
Even while you’re fulfilling your duties to family and raising your children, Do. Not. Forget. YOU!
Remember you have just one life to live.
Live it to the fullest!
Stop merely existing!
This message is for that lonely, sad Mrs Anybody who has lost or is about losing her identity in the quagmire of transition from her Miss Somebody.
I hope she gets it.
Love you first.
Written by Oryeezah Moh’d

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