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Ladies, don’t decline a date because you are in a relationship


Dear ladies, when a man ask you out on a date, do not decline because you have a boyfriend.

Going out on a date is not to ‘make out’ but a friendly offer for the purpose of getting to know you better and be friends moving forward.

Do not send good people out of your lives because you have a boo who probably has a boo.

Even if a man wants you to be his lover, do not say,” I have a boyfriend”, just say a polite “no, I am not interested”.

Let everything you do be about you and because of you. There are women who are married, who say “I am married” and have lovers anyway.

So, be friendly, polite, respectful and firm. A decent man will not force it.

I have great expectations this week and I pray your week goes according to plan.
Cheers you all.

Written by Goldfish Rahmatulai


I read this post and I understand where the writer is coming from but some Nigerians especially guys are seriously against this post.

Don’t turn down a date because you have a boyfriend

Read some of their reactions…

“A man really has no business taking a woman out on a date just for the purpose of knowing her better so they can be friends going forward. I don’t think men should be going around getting to know women so as to make them friends. It never ends well even if it started with the purest of intentions. All the women I know are the ones I met in the normal course of life – work, business, research work, church family etc. No dates needed to get to know them. If I really need to know them better I visit their home. In this our culture, dates will always be associated with romantic intentions and any man or woman (especially women) who accepts to go on dates with people of the opposite sex while in a committed relationship will always be regarded with suspicion.”

“Going out on a date is different from going out for lunch or dinner, let’s not use words to deceive ourselves. If you have a SERIOUS relationship that you respect, keep it and don’t toy with it with controversial words like dates. Men don’t pick dates just to know your history or just to eat with you and take you home, those are called ‘taking you out for lunch or dinner’.”

“If dating means just an outing with the intention of knowing someone, what does ‘double dating mean, and why is it regarded as negative in a relationship’.”

“That is if many men actually know the meaning of going out for a date is not booking a room at a hotel for sex. You need to write another post detailing what is the meaning of date.”

What do you all think?


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