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How an ideal marriage should look like


What is an ideal marriage? What does it take to have an ideal marriage? What kind of people make ideal marriages? What does it feel like to have an ideal marriage?

Many women ask themselves these questions as they reflect on their lives and marriages at some point in their lives.

Having ideal marriages is what many women desire but some of these women end up in abusive and energy draining marriages.

It is sad that many women have lost themselves because they got married to men who can’t stand them being true to themselves.

Some men are threatened by the intelligence and resilience of their women. They continue to put these women down until they lose their spark and essence.

I read a post about how an ideal marriage should be and I thought I should share it with you ladies. You can learn one or two things from it.

“My ideal marriage is two silly people oblivious to the rest of the world, in a bubble created by love, trust and selflessness.

It is two people so in tuned to each other & each other’s needs/desires that one barely needs to speak to have their needs met.

What an ideal marriage should look like

Marriage should be a place of authenticity, strength & vulnerability.

It should be that place where you find the courage to be 101% yourself even if you have to hide from the rest of the world.

I did meet someone once who inspired me to be the realest version of myself, who wanted me to show every side of me the world could never see -the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your partner should be your greatest cheerleader.

Whether you lose or fail.

Without jealousy or envy, without malice or strife.

I don’t believe in a marriage where you have to be defensive; protecting what’s yours or afraid of being taken advantage of. That’s bondage.

I don’t understand why one person not earning should ever be an issue at any time.

When love is involved, one won’t take advantage of the other, neither will it be a task to look out for each other.

You marriage should affirm you.

Validate you.

Give you the wings you need to fly.

Your home should be your safe space, for you, your spouse and your children.

The world is already a hard place; fraught with evil, stress and unimaginable of pain.

Someone is always trying to ruin someone.

What is the point of having a family you cannot rest your head in?

Your partner should look for ways to ease your stress instead of adding to it.

Of course marriage is not a place of perfection.

But I believe that two forgivers who accept each other wholly -and their idiosyncrasies- and are genuinely committed to the good of each other, is what creates perfection out of imperfection.

Order out of chaos.”

Written by Natalie Ewaen A. Usen



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