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10 reasons you should set boundaries in your relationships


As a human being, it is very important to set boundaries in your relationship with people. If you don’t set relationship boundaries, people will use you for their selfish gains.

If you go through life thinking everyone has a good heart like you, people will hurt you, use you and toss you like an old, used rag.

Roxanna Safdia said:

“Some people will squeeze the life out of you and still request more from you. This is why boundaries are a priority and a must in our lives. Plus imagine all the awesome stuffs you can get accomplished when you are not running yourself to the ground for people who don’t appreciate it.”

I know you may be asking why are boundaries important in a relationship? It’s very simple, so that you won’t fall for anything or mistake abuse for love. Women who don’t set relationship boundaries fall for anything.

Personal boundaries are limits people set for themselves in relationships. They protect your sense of personal identity and help guard against being overwhelmed by the demands of others.

Boundaries are important because they prevent you from living life on other people’s terms while disregarding your feelings and emotional limits. 

Setting personal boundaries in relationships are very important because they are the basic guidelines of how you want to be treated by other people. When you set boundaries, you will enjoy appropriate relationships that is filled with mutual respect, love, care and peace. 


Below are 10 good reasons women should set boundaries in their relationships:

1. You become a better partner and friend.

Boundaries make it possible to allow yourself to recharge. This is because when you are not totally drained, you have more energy to devote to the ones you love. You are also more respectful of their own needs as a result of being in control of you and your emotions.

2. You take better care of yourself.

When you set boundaries, you prioritize your own well-being. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and your needs while also considering the needs of others. You become more effective and less burned out from helping if you set some limits.

3. You communicate better with other people.

In order to really establish limits, you have to state what you can or cannot tolerate in your relationship with other people. This means being clear and concise about your limits. Expressing your own needs will also allow you to be more transparent. All of these characteristics are elements of good communication.

10 reasons you should set boundaries in your relationships


4. You become less stressed.

Constantly allowing the needs of others to dictate your behavior is exhausting. Without a healthy boundary, you absorb the stress around you. If you don’t establish your own limits, you open yourself up to the risk of taking on everyone’s problems or you ignore your own problems entirely. You don’t take on additional stress if you set a boundary.

5. You become less angry and bitter towards others.

When you don’t have set boundaries, you give other people the power over your life and that can lead to anger. You become resentful and hateful when they get away with hurting and using you for selfish gains. In life, you have to be assertive and direct about how you want to be treated.

6. You say no without feeling guilty

This is very important. You don’t have to say yes to everyone. No” may be a small word but it’s certainly powerful. The most basic way of establishing a boundary is declining anything you don’t have the capacity to handle. Doing this will help you say no without feeling guilty.

7. You become self aware

Self awareness is the art of recognizing your needs and feelings as your own, and not tied to any person or your environment. Creating your own relationship limitations is a complete self awareness action that is beneficial for your own welfare.

8. You trust people more.

Some women are so worried that they will hurt or upset men by setting limits or boundaries. For many, love and approval are tied to pleasing others, and setting limits means you are taking a risk that you may not be loved or accepted. This behavior is rooted in fear. When you express your relationship limits to others, it means trust them to handle the emotions you are conveying.

9. You become more understanding

When you are compassionate toward yourself about what you can tolerate, you are better able to express that to other people. You will live a more fulfilling life, have a warm personality and enjoy better relationships because you set up healthy limits for yourself. There’s no better way to live life other than this.

10. You end up living life on your own terms.

Imagine your life without unnecessary obligations all because you started exercising your right to say “no.” Setting relationship limits give you the opportunity to actually engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. You start to enjoy many life changing benefits because you now invest your time and energy on things beneficial and important to you.

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