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Erica Mena Tells Wendy Williams She ‘Was Right About Safaree’


After threatening Wendy Williams via Twitter over comments about her marriage troubles, Erica Mena said that Williams was right about her soon-to-be ex-husband Safaree.

On the June 18, 2021 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Mena’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Spice delivered a message to Williams during her appearance alongside Shaggy and Sean Paul. While Williams explained why she gets frustrated with the “corny storylines” on the VH1 show, Spice interjected with a message from Mena.

“She said you were right,” Spice told Williams. “I don’t know what you said, but whatever you said about Safaree.”

Williams then replied, “I said don’t have him in the birth room when you deliver, divorce him and go on with your life while you’re still young and can get another.”

Williams added that she likes Safaree but “he’s trouble.”


Williams comments about Safaree’s presence in the delivery room came after he filed a petition in court requesting that a judge make it mandatory that he be present during his second child’s birth in fear that Mena would ban him from the delivery room.


The last time the gossip queen brought up Mena and Safaree during the hot topics segment, she spoke on Meba filing for divorce. Her divorce filing came after they both said they regret marrying each other earlier this year. Safaree even threatened Mena with divorce over social media in October 2020.

“I don’t really know you Erica but I do know Safaree enough,” Williams said. “You all need to stop fighting and threatening divorce so much. You all need to grow up and grow into being parents. And if you’re not gonna want to be married then just get a divorce and co-parent. And babies don’t save marriages but good luck with at least your first six months.”

Mena wasn’t happy about Williams’ commentary and sent some hostile words her way via Twitter.

“@WendyWilliams At this point let’s link up so I can beat your a**. Your ex-husband didn’t do a good job enough,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Williams never responded to the tweet.


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