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Ashanti Shares Photos Of Sister For Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Singer Ashanti has taken to social media in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, sharing photos of her younger sister, Shia Douglas, who has previously spoken out about being a victim of partner abuse.

“It is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Words will never be able to express the amount of pain, fury and disgust I feel reliving these moments,” the singer, 41, began in a lengthy Instagram post dedicated to her younger sibling. “but at the same time I am so proud of how strong, courageous, resilient and unbreakable you are. My sister is a warrior! I love you deep and infinitely.”

Kenashia “Shia” Douglas previously revealed that she was involved in a violent relationship with her ex-fiancé, Slow Bucks, releasing graphic photos in 2020 of her battered and bruised face, as well as clips of her reconstruction surgery on her mouth and jaw, The YBF reports.

Shia also shared an Instagram post including the photos two days prior to Ashanti’s own carousel.

“Thank you for being so brave and bringing awareness to this evil, vile and sad behavior that so many women face every day. You did it! You won!,” the “Only U” artist continued. “Some women feel so scared that they have no way out… by sharing your story you bring hope, strength & continue to raise awareness for Domestic Violence. God continues to bless you every day as you grow, prosper… and walk in your purpose…your heart, mind and conscience are clear…you will get back EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE!!!”

In Shai’s own post, she reflected on her “toxic” relationship, saying she put up with more than she should’ve due to her desire to “create her own family.”

“My undying loyalty and strong desire to create my own family had me accepting things I never should have. I’ve been punched, spat on, strangled, pushed to the ground. And been threatened with a ?..,” she courageously shared.

“I look at these pictures and I hold grace and patience for the woman I was and everything she didn’t know!,” Shia continued. “I love her and thank her for her role in my journey. I don’t consider myself a victim or a survivor, this is all apart of my story, my life and my journey.”


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