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“They made me cook with firewood” –Newlywed bride shares experience with in-laws after wedding


A newlywed Nigerian bride has taken to social media to share the traditional things her in-laws asked her to do after she got married to her husband.

In a video she shared on TikTok, the lady revealed that immediately after getting married, her husband’s family, who are apparently lovers of culture and tradition, made her and her husband do things today’s generation would consider archaic.

According to the bride, as per the Isoko tradition, the first meal she made for her husband was to be very special, so she was asked to cook outside the compound using firewood and serve him after the food was ready kneeling on both knees.


She added that her husband was not spared, as he was also asked to tie a wrapper around himself and shower her with prayers while he ate the food.

Recounting the experience, she wrote,

“In line with the Isoko tradition, my mother gave me some fish to cook my husband’s first meal. Emphasis was placed on cooking with firewood, pouring powder on my body, wearing beads and tying wrapper.

Husband man was not spared too. He was instructed to tie rapper why being served by his new bride. where you guys need to complete any traditional rights after your wedding?”


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