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Woman Welcomes Baby with Girlfriend, Ex-Husband Is Their Sperm Donor and They All Live Together


A mom influencer had it all: a great husband, two young sons, and a house in a suburb of Florida. Now, she has something even better: a happy home with her girlfriend, their new baby, and her now-ex who is also their sperm donor.

On Tuesday, blogger Linda Fruits and girlfriend Maddy welcomed their son Arlo. “Maddy woke me up at 3:00 a.m. saying she thought her water broke. We quickly showered and headed to the hospital and by 6:03 p.m. we had our beautiful boy, Arlo — all 6.8 lbs. and 19 inches of him,” Linda says. “I was just so pleased he was here and Maddy was okay.”

“Watching Maddy give birth (and being on the other side of the bed) was absolutely incredible,” she adds. “My eyes were flooded with tears of love, joy and relief. The whole birthing process can either strengthen a bond or break one and I have never been more in love with her than I am this very moment.”

As for the rest of their family, Linda says her ex-husband “is delighted” to have “another boy” in the house and that their sons Elliot and Owen “are so excited to meet him.”



Linda Fruits



Back when she was married, Linda, 33, says she “had everything I wanted on paper,” but things didn’t feel right. “I was still missing something,” she shares. “I just wasn’t really aware of what it was yet.”

She and her husband, Chris Haerting, 37, had been married since 2016 and dated for years before that. They met at the bar where Linda worked, became best friends, tied the knot, and had kids, now three and five. But a physical connection evaded them, at least from Linda’s side. Intimacy “felt like an obligation or something,” she recalls. She even asked her best friend, ‘Do I need to have an open marriage? Because I can’t sleep with him.'”

When their kids entered daycare, the young mom had time to breathe and to “sit in her skin,” as she puts it. Then, she stumbled onto “lesbian TikTok,” where she was surprised to find herself attracted to some of the sapphic content creators there.

After a lot of self-reflection, Linda decided to come out to her husband. “No person should go this long without wanting to be held or kissed or touched,” Linda says. “And I wanted him to have what he deserves.”



“I loved our family and I didn’t want anything to change,” she explains, which is why she ended up “sobbing uncontrollably” while springing the news on Chris as he was getting out of the shower. Fortunately, he accepted Linda’s revelation with grace.

“I grew up around gay and lesbian people. My parents had a lot of friends that had come out late in life,” says Chris. “It all made sense.”

The pair, who are still in the process of getting divorced, naturally decided to end their romantic partnership. But then, “we started asking … okay, so what do we do now? Do we get divorced? Do we separate our assets? Do we split up our children? … That’s what everybody does, right?” Chris remembers the pivotal moment.


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