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Female student sponsored by boyfriend reportedly gets pregnant for course mate


A Nigerian student, whose devoted boyfriend is paying for her education has discovered that she is pregnant by a classmate.

A close friend of the student, @Amanda Chinda, revealed the information in a Tweet.

Social media platforms were rocked by Amanda’s tweet, which sparked a flurry of responses and conversations among online users.

According to the post, the unidentified student’s boyfriend provided financial support for her throughout their four-year relationship.

His small footwear business had provided the majority of the funding for his girlfriend’s education, demonstrating the extent of his dedication and selflessness.

But when the student revealed to her friend that she was pregnant, things took an unexpected turn.

Unexpectedly, her coursemate turned out to be the expectant father, complicating an already delicate situation.

Netizens react…


@Anonymous said; “Shameless and wicked girl”
@Anonymous said; “I am a woman but I can’t support evil..she will definitely sow what she reap..she is very wicked and evil.”

@Max said; “Do not be surprised.. women and betrayal are 5&6”

@whizbee said; “Wetin man dey do man”


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