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Tina Mba: “My colleague’s wife caught him cheating and cooked Afang soup for him.”


Nollywood actress, Tina Mba has revealed in a recent interview how one of her male colleague’s wife handled his cheating.

The veteran, in an interview with TVC ‘Your View’ while speaking on cheating among actors, narrated how an actor’s wife caught him cheating and didn’t quarrel.

According to her, the actor’s wife sent love letters to him and cooked Afang soup for him. This surprised the unnamed actor, who realized his mistake and severed ties with the harem of women around him.

“I know an actor who will tell you, my wife is calling me I want to take her call.

The day the wife caught him cheating, she didn’t quarrel with him, she sent him a love letter and said she was going to cook Afang soup for him, and on his own, he started deleting numbers of women”.


The revelation has elicited different reactions online. While some people found the story funny, other social media users applauded the woman for her calm nature and wisdom.

Toby Loba wrote, “The wife nah a wise queen and more, it can never be Gen Z women though

The Food Networking wrote, “Afang soup with a sprinkle of “do I say”. Why won’t he start deleting numbers.”


Vision And Palate wrote, “Someone said the Lord way do am for the wife, make e avoid me.”

I Am Bull wrote, “A wise woman and more. Sometimes you don’t have to be violent to resolve issues. Leave him his conscience.”

Omah Leeautos wrote, “She didn’t fight him? She cooked Afang with love notes and the man ate it?? Without fear? Ah this story is funny.”

Poshest Hope wrote, “I always say it that promiscuous husbands have mind. Especially the ones that their wives know about their promiscuity. You’ll still go home and eat their meals like nothing happened. E be like una don dey get spare lives somewhere.”


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