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Woman explains why she won’t sleep with a man until he spends over £1,500 on her


So, you have ve started dating someone new and things are going really well. But how long do you wait before sleeping with them?

It’s an age-old dilemma. You don’t want to hold off for too long and risk losing your spark with them but equally shouldn’t rush into having s€x before you’re truly ready.

One woman’s conditions for sleeping with a new partner, however, aren’t based on time or connection but rather how much money a man is willing to spend on her.

Columnist, Jana Hocking discovered the rather unconventional rule while listening to a dating podcast.

The podcaster, who goes by the name ‘Tinx,’ was going through a list of non negotiables she has while dating when she casually mentions that a friend of hers doesn’t sleep with a guy until he’s spent at least $2,000 (£1,500) on her.

The total seems completely insane at first, especially in a cost of living crisis, but Tinx then goes on to explain her friend’s reasoning.


Firstly, if a man is willing to go on enough dates to spend $2000 without getting down, there’s a fair chance he’s actually interested in you as a person.


On top of this, Jana explains that she quite likes this because spending that much time together without any horny distractions might help get any kicks out of the way nice and early.

She said how thinking about her past dating history, she could have ‘probably avoided a couple of mistakes‘ had she waited longer.

However, Jana recommended that instead of basing your decision to have s€x with someone on money, base it off a checklist of things that really matter to you instead.

Things like: what they do for a job, whether they been to jail, why their last relationship didn’t work out and whether you feel safe around them.

Consider the qualities that matter to you in a relationship and think of all the mistakes you could avoid by doing a little research before jumping into bed with someone.


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