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Toolz defends Real Warri Pikin, blasts netizens over body shaming comments


Popular on-air personality Toolz took to her Instagram story to blast netizens over their comments on comedian Real Warri Pikin’s body.

In her post, she told netizens to leave the comedian alone. She wrote; “Leave @realwarripikin alone!!! She was too big then.…. now she’s too small! she looks amazing and genuinely seems happy. That should be the END.”

Toolz’s post is coming after netizens made comments about Real Warri Pikin’s body. The popular comedian and actress had gone through a drastic weight loss transformation that fans had a lot to say about.

A good number of them even said they preferred her body when she was bigger, while some have applauded her. Their reactions are mixed, and they’ve made their opinions known in almost all her posts. It is even shocking that she hasn’t disabled her comments.

Toolz defends Real Warri Pikin

An X user recently called out Real Warri Pikin about her weight loss journey and insisted she reveal the side effects of her weight loss surgery.

Even though the comedian was very open about getting plastic surgery done for weight loss, as her weight was starting to endanger her health, people are still dragging her on social media platforms.

Since her surgery and weight loss, Real Warri Pikin has flaunted her body confidently on social media, and she looks amazing. However, just like anything on the internet, people will have something to say about it, whether it is negative or positive.


Real Warri Pikin is yet to address the comments about her new body, and she is just going about her business for now. There is no certainty as to whether she’ll address the backlash because she has done her part by revealing the source of her weight loss.


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