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Carl Weathers: Actor best known for playing Apollo Creed in Rocky films dies aged 76


Beloved African American actor Carl Weathers, the actor famous for playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky films, has died aged 76.

In a statement, his family said: “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Carl Weathers.

“He died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, February 1st, 2024.

“Carl was an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life.

“Through his contributions to film, television, the arts and sports, he has left an indelible mark and is recognized worldwide and across generations. He was a beloved brother, father, grandfather, partner, and friend.”

Weathers, a former NFL linebacker who went on to become a beloved action and comedy star, featured in such classics as Predator opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Happy Gilmour with Adam Sandler.

Sandler paid tribute to his co-star on X saying: “A true great man. Great dad. Great actor. Great athlete.

“So much fun to be around always. Smart as hell. Loyal as hell. Funny as hell. Loved his sons more than anything. What a guy!! Everyone loved him. My wife and I had the best times with him every time we saw him.


Carl Weathers

“Love to his entire family and Carl will always be known as a true legend.”

In the movie, he play’s Happy Gilmore’s golf coach Chubbs Peterson, a former pro-golfer who was forced to retire after an alligator bit off his hand.

Most recently he starred in the Disney+ hit “The Mandalorian,” appearing in all three seasons.

Growing up in New Orleans, Carl Weathers began performing in plays in primary school.

In high school, athletics took him down another path but he would reunite with his first love later in life.

He played American football at San Diego State University – where he majored in theater – and went on to play one season in the NFL, for the Oakland Raiders, in 1970.

After the Raiders, he joined the Canadian Football League, playing for two years while finishing his studies during the offseason at San Francisco State University.

Carl Weathers graduated with a B.A. in drama in 1974. Two years later he would land the role as Creed and go on to star in four films in the Rocky franchise, until his dramatic onscreen death in 1984’s Rocky IV. He is survived by two sons.


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