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Candace Owens fired from Daily Wire over alleged antisemitism 


Candace Owens was fired from her hosting job at the Daily Wire because her bosses were fed up with her repeated promotion of antisemitism.

The conservative media company announced Friday morning that it was parting ways with Candace, and while no official reason was mentioned, sources with direct knowledge tell us it was squarely over what the Daily Wire honchos saw as antisemitism, and the firing went down early this week.

Candace Owens and fellow Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro have had a very public feud recently on social media over their opposing views on the Israel-Gaza conflict — and we’re told the last straw for the DW was her March 8 appearance on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast.

The hosts were talking to Candace about the rift with Ben, and every time Ben or his wife who is Israeli was mentioned the show dropped a cha-ching sound effect, an obvious nod to the antisemitic trope about Jews and money.

Candace Owens fired by Daily Wire

While Candace didn’t say anything to besmirch Ben, we are told the feeling was she didn’t say anything to defend him or call out the antisemitism. To be fair, it’s unclear whether she heard that sound effect while recording the podcast.

Reports say that Daily Wire execs had previous conversations with Candace in an attempt to understand her position — as they didn’t want to censor her — but they felt the podcast incident crossed the line.

As one source in the know put it, Candace often bragged about being one of the best communicators in media, so the DW execs felt “she knew what she was doing.”


We’re also told Shapiro was not involved in the decision to fire Candace, and he doesn’t have any power to do so.

Candace Owens addressed her feud with Ben when she was on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday, saying she was not anti-Israel or antisemitic … she’s simply against all forms of genocide. A source connected to Candace insists the same, telling us “She’s obviously not an antisemite.”


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