Bad sex is bad business

Sex is sex but bad sex is not part of the deal. Sex is a big deal in relationships. From the complaints of many people, the lack of good sex has destroyed many relationships. Sex is relaxing. When sex is great, it leaves you happy, fulfilled and less cranky.

But as important as sex is to relationships, many people are not having good sex. Their experiences are shocking, annoying and sometimes funny. Below are some bad sex experiences from men and women who have vowed not to settle for less anymore when it comes to sex.

Woman sad and sitting on the bed

Dennis: Bad sex is when my partner is boring in bed

Bad sex is when my partner is boring in bed. I hate it when a girl lies like a wood on the bed during sex while I suffer alone thrusting up and down. I don’t like women who are not adventurous in bed. I had one girlfriend like that. All she knows how to do is lie down and wait for me to kill myself on top of her. She doesn’t want to any other position except for the missionary position. Bad sex is when I am busy twisting my waist up and down and she just lays there like a corpse with no sound, no movement, no dirty words.

Winnie: Bad sex is when he comes after two minutes

I started dating a guy around my area. He was a well known person and had history with some of the ladies in the area. I decided to give him a try. After going for a while, we started planning to have sex. When the day finally came, he disappointed me big time. After two minutes of thrusting, he came instantly, left the room and didn’t talk to me (out of embarrassment) for two weeks. When we finally talked, I warned him to stay away from me. I am not ready to manage bad sex at this age. I am still very young and active.

Gideon: Bad sex is when your woman bites you

Sex becomes bad for me when she pinches and bites me during the act. When I have to do all the ploughing while she just lies there lazily like a log of wood, when I’m getting exhausted but I’m yet to cum and when she wants to file off my penis in the name of blowjob.

Franca: Bad sex is when your partner starts arguing with his penis

I had a colleague at work who was cute. I could not help but get attracted to him. One thing led to another and he expressed interest in me. I was so happy.

We began to make out when suddenly I noticed he was crying. He jumps up, naked, and points to his flaccid penis, gesturing at it and saying, ‘you always do this to me every time.’

I started begging him to calm down, but he completely ignored me like I’m not even in the room. It is just him and his penis, and now they are having an argument. He is mad at his penis. He scolds his penis for always spoiling things for him. What is wrong with you?

I hurriedly dressed up and ran away. I never met him again. I didn’t even give him the chance to talk to me again.

Victor: Sex becomes bad when she calls out her ex’s name

I have been going out with a girl at the University for weeks before we were moved to have sex. I was excited and we started the deed. But I stopped half way when she started moaning and calling the name of her ex boyfriend. It pissed me off and finally ended our relationship.



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