Woman, what’s a mummy’s boy doing in your life?

Having a relationship with a mummy’s boy is bad news. Such men don’t know what it means to be in matured relationships. They are the ones who mention their mothers ten times in three sentences.

Mummy’s boys gladly tell you that you are a stranger to them no matter how long you have been together. They are the ones who proclaim loudly that no woman can take their mothers’ place. They are the ones who never take decisions on their own until mummy dearest endorses it.

A mummy’s boy is the kind of man who wants his wife to worship his mother like she’s the goddess of breath. He doesn’t raise an eyebrow when she insults, belittles and even hits his woman. To these men who are still tied to their controlling mothers’ apron strings, mummy is never wrong.

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When a man constantly runs back to mummy before he can take decisions about his life, he’s a mummy’s boy. He is not emotionally matured. He still has some growing up to do. He’s not the kind of man you can count on to take serious decisions because his decisions will be that of his mum.

The opinions and suggestions of women in relationships with mummy’s boys are worthless no matter how good they are. These women are constantly at cross roads as to how to be truly one with their men without mama’s unsettling intrusion.

There is nothing wrong with a man loving his mother. There is also nothing wrong with him being affectionate with her and treating her right. She gave birth to him, nurtured him and contributed to who has become. But when you are in a relationship with a man who can’t take decisions on his own, there’s a problem.

If mummy has to approve everything he does from the kind of car he should buy to the colour of curtains that should be in your sitting room, before long, you will also need to get sex timetable from her.

Men, I am not saying you shouldn’t respect your mom. But for crying out loud, you are an adult and your mother should be there to give advice if and when necessary. She shouldn’t be causing problems between you and your woman because you are too weak to stand your ground.

After all, Many Nigerian men like to claim the man of the house and the head whenever an argument arises about relationships and roles. Be the head and act like it. You can’t be claiming the head and be acting like a weakling whenever you hear mama’s voice. That’s unacceptable.

Men who still run back to mama never put their wives first. They are the ones who still see their wives as strangers instead of family. No matter what you do as his partner or wife, his mom will always be more important and take precedence over you. There’s nothing you will be able to do to top her and you may try to no avail.

When you hear a man who keeps comparing his wife to his mom, he’s a baby in a man’s body. How can you continue to compare your wife’s cooking to that of your mother? Are they the same person? Did they grow up at the same time or see the world in the same way?

You need to grow up, man. You should stop scrutinizing everything your woman does because she doesn’t do them like your mom. She doesn’t have to fit into your mother’s image just because she ended up with you. Does she have to lose herself because you are in her life? You are not being fair to her at all.

If he broke up with his last girlfriend because his mother didn’t approve of her, then you might be dating a mama’s boy. Most of the time, no matter how much a guy loves his mom, he’s going to figure out his love life on his own. But occasionally you will meet the kind of man who will dump you if his mom says you are no good.

These men need to grow up. You will not marry your mom, so quit frustrating every woman you date because mummy dearest doesn’t like her nose, her skin or her breasts. The thing about this is, until mummy wants grandchildren, no woman is ever going to be good enough for her boy.

Mummy’s boys are the kind of men who can’t and won’t defend you no matter how much they claim they love you. It doesn’t matter whether or not his mom is totally wrong in the situation, he will not defend you. He will be too afraid to stand up to his mother and therefore will let her treat you however she pleases. To him, his mom is always right.

If your guy’s mom does his laundry, cleans his room, cooks his food and pampers him endlessly, he still has some growing up to do. They are the ones who will marry a woman into his family house and she will automatically become everybody’s house help and cook. He won’t even see anything wrong with it. Is she not marrying his whole family like they say in this part of the world?

If a mummy’s boy is in your life, just know that you will never come first in his life, she will always be there telling you what to do, telling him what to do, trying to get grandchildren out of you, and he will keep whining because he doesn’t have the balls to take charge of his life and set boundaries when it comes to his mother.

Ladies, if you know you are dating a man who still runs to mummy before he takes decisions, run away on time. Don’t say you can change him after marriage, it’s a lie. Things will only get worse. She will always be in your business and you won’t enjoy your relationship.

So, I ask again, with all these troubles, woman, what is a mummy’s boy still doing in your life?


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