Ladies, stop giving boyfriends husband privileges

Ladies, stop giving boyfriends husband privileges. Stop setting yourselves up for heartbreaks. Until that man makes you his wife, don’t give him wife benefits.

It doesn’t matter if he has introduced you to all his friends and family members during social gatherings, don’t move in with him until he marries you properly.

It doesn’t matter if his friends call you ‘our wife’ and they enjoy your food and hospitality. Being properly married should be your concern, not the names.


If you move in with a man for years, bearing children and answering his wife, without being married properly, you will have yourself to blame later on.

Young lady, don’t give a man privileges of a husband if he’s only a boyfriend. Save yourself from unnecessary problems.

If a man is serious about marrying you, it won’t take him eternity to make up his mind. He knows what he wants within a few dates.

But if you become desperate to keep him in your life without the necessary steps, he will take you for a long ride.

Why would you be giving a man who hasn’t met your family or made moves to formalise your relationship husband privileges?

What happens after many years of co-inhabiting and he decides to go for the woman he truly wants? What if you have brought children into the mix, how will you cope?

Ladies, don’t be carried away by emotions and sweet nothings. Love but take your brain with you. Don’t start calling that man husband if he has not made you his wife.

Boyfriends should not get husband privileges. Being a wife to your boyfriend doesn’t guarantee marriage. Cooking all the delicacies for him won’t make him speed up the marriage process.

A boyfriend is a boyfriend and not a husband, don’t give him privileges of a husband if he’s still dragging his feet about making you his wife.

Ladies, be wise.


I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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2 Responses

  1. thickcurvy stallion says:

    You making it sound like Nigerian ladies even have such benefit, most of you cant cook, lack homely manners & i am sure if we go check beneath most nigerian females bed bunk, you would throw up at what you would see. Its not about giving him the wife treatment, its about cleaning up from the inside, when your inner self is clean, you wont be able to hide it, it would show in your outter body & way of life. Any woman who is not showing up her womanly obligations during pre marital relationship doesnt know how to nor does she have the skill. Those who got the skill always get busy either he loves them or not, its an habbit not a skill. lol

    • Kate says:

      And you are making it sound like guys can clean their houses, cook their meals and wash their clothes without looking for a house girl sorry a woman they claim to be dating to do it for them.

      Any man that is dirty and cannot take care of himself and his immediate environment doesn’t need a girlfriend, he needs to clean up after himself.

      Any man who is a pig deserves to be left alone. Who wants to live with such person anyways?

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