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Chrisean Rock Responds To Social Media Speculation About Her Son’s Health In Viral Video


One thing about the internet is that it’s going to INTERNET. And that’s exactly what happened after Chrisean Rock took to IG to detail new life changes.

Last week, a video of Chrisean Rock holding Chrisean Jr. went viral. In the clip, the ‘Vibe’ singer confirmed she was giving up smoking and drinking to focus on her budding football career.

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The comment sparked heavy criticism on the internet as some folks speculated that she seemingly didn’t come to the health revelation while she was pregnant. Along with the heavy criticism, many social media users questioned Chrisean Jr.’s health.

Chrisean Rock

According to the CDC, at six months, a baby’s cognitive milestones should include putting things in their mouth, reaching out for things they desire, and closing their lips to reject food when full.

Chrisean Responds To Speculation Surrounding Her Son’s Health 

Welp! Looks like Chrisean heard the chatter and took to her snapchat account to address the mess. In a clip where Chrisean sits in a vehicle, she simply proclaims “My son is blessed. He’s going to be talking, walking, playing football, everything.” See what she had to say below:

Chrisean Rock responds after heavy online speculation about her son’s health ????

— TheShadeRoom (@TheShadeRoom) April 29, 2024

While Chrisean Rock awaits the arrival of Blueface, who is currently incarcerated, she maintains her focus and energy will be put into football. She invites her fans to her first game which will take place on May 4 at Cathedral High School.


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