Ladies, dating a broke guy is sin against yourself

Young lady, dating a broke guy is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Stay away from broke and entitled guys. They are nothing but bad news.

One of the reasons you shouldn’t punish yourself with such guys is because they have no business dating in the first place. What can someone who hasn’t figured out his life offer you as a woman?

If a man doesn’t know where he’s headed in life or what he wants to do to make money, what does he need you for? He should go and figure out his life first before looking for where to sweat and release his seminal fluid. Being broke is not a virtue.

Dating a broke guy is bad. Don’t do that to yourself especially if you are an ambitious, hardworking and successful lady. Don’t listen to people who tell you that maybe God brought you into his life to lift him out of the pit of financial lack. You are not Jesus. You can only support him but you can’t make money on his behalf. He needs to do that himself.

Ladies, you won’t be at peace dating a broke guy. He will keep complaining about your clothes, your hair, your house and the things you can afford. He will emotionally blackmail you with his inability to catch up with you financially. A broke man will claim that the reason you keep talking to him anyhow is because you are richer than him.

Dating a broke guy is boring. There’s nothing exciting about moaning and complaining about money when the guy is doing nothing to change his condition. When your mates are going out with their men, showing them proudly to everyone they meet, you are stuck with your broke guy indoors sweating. Even sex with him is hell.

Sad woman

Dating a broke guy means courting trouble. It is annoying that he is not buying you things, but he feels entitled to complain about the things you buy for yourself. Whether you want to hear it or not, money will cause fight between you and your broke boyfriend. Little things will cause big fights when a broke man is in the mix. The stress is not worth it. Let him date himself.

Ladies, you shouldn’t be sleeping with a broke guy. You have no business sharing a bed with a man who has nothing to offer himself. You have to love yourself enough to stay away from broke guys. It is a waste of time.

Dating a broke guy means walking on egg shells. These guys ooze of low self esteem and they will infect you with it. You will be constantly careful not to make them feel bad for not having money. They complain a lot and before you know it, they get aggressive. A broke man has a fragile ego that you must keep massaging just to make him feel better.

You must love yourself enough not to put up with a broke, entitled man who is not doing anything to change his situation. You are not his saviour. You are not God. You cannot help him if he doesn’t take the initiative to help himself.

If you want to live a long, peaceful life, leave broke guys alone.


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