Why are there different rules for Nigerian men and women when it comes to cheating?

Being a wife in Nigeria is hard. When your husband cheats, it’s your fault. When you cheat, you are disgraced. A Nigerian wife can’t win either way.

The rules are different for men and women when it comes to cheating in our society and it reeks of hypocrisy. What a society!

In Nigeria, when a woman cheats, she’s evil, and must be “sent back to her father’s house”.
She must be disgraced.

But in this same Nigeria, when a man cheats, people come up with a list of excuses and turn around to blame his wife for his irresponsibility.


Woman whose husband cheats

These excuses are familiar:

1. The wife doesn’t satisfy him in bed.
2. The wife doesn’t cook his meals the way he likes.
3. The wife nags too much, so she pursued him into the hands of another woman.
4. The wife wasn’t prayerful enough.
5. The side chic seduced him.
6. Men are polygamous in nature.
7. The devil is at work.
8. The side chic is using juju on him. This juju is very very selective o. It catches only men. The juju must really like men. It is a very sexist juju.

You know some of these men are babies, they can’t control their penis, so women need to continuously cover up for their misbehaviors.

When a Nigerian man cheats, you should never hold him responsible for his actions. Blame it on anything or his woman or juju, but never blame it on him.

People will tell a woman whose husband cheats like it’s going out of fashion to pray more for him and check herself to see if she’s the one pushing him outside into the arms of other women. Appalling talks.

Who do I blame the most? The women who keep marrying these overgrown babies and refuse to hold them accountable for their actions.

If your husband cheats on you, it’s his fault. He broke his vows to you. Nigerian women should stop making excuses for randy, irresponsible men.





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