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Struggling Mom Who ‘Dedicated Her Life’ To Her Kids Has So Many Regrets About How They Turned Out

TikToker Taniqua Hendrix is a mother of six who was diagnosed with bre@st cancer.


In a video, she lamented what has happened to her children and the lack of support they give her now.

“I never thought that I would have so many regrets, especially when it came to me having my children,” she said.

Hendrix explained that she and her ex-husband, the children’s father, are facing times of uncertainty and need, but their children have done nothing to help them.

“I don’t know what my ex-husband and I did to those children, but, uh, both of us are in dire straits,” she said. “I’m not as much as he is, but mentally and emotionally, I am.”

“And, uh, it’s very sad because him and I, we got together when we was 19, and we dedicated our lives to these people. And these people have grown up to be people that …” she said as she trailed off in tears, unable to finish her sentence.

Commenters on TikTok were very sympathetic to Hendrix and her plight.

“It’s time for you to take care of yourself and let them go,” one person advised.

“You have to let them go emotionally so you can stay healthy,” another person said.


Another TikToker thought that Hendrix’s problem was dedicating her life to her children in the first place

In a stitch with Hendrix, TikToker Milly Bop addressed Hendrix’s concerns. She stated that adult children “basically kind of abandon their parents.”

Bop said the reason for this is the way their parents present themselves. “You dedicated your life to these kids, and I think that’s the problem,” she explained.

Bop said that a parent makes themselves available endlessly to their children, creating a toxic dynamic.

“Now you’ve taught them that your only use for them is that you give them things and do things for them,” she continued.


Bop believed that the key is to get to know your children as people.

“Did you ever give the child the chance to get to know you as a human being outside of you being their parent?” she asked. “I think they grow up and don’t look at their parents as people anymore,” she said sadly.

TikTok users who commented on Bop’s video largely agreed with her.

“Get to know your children. Build a relationship!” one person urged.

“My mom was a provider,” another person shared. “No emotional connection honestly, so our relationship is how it is because of that.”

Adult children are distancing themselves from their parents.

It seems like adult children are leaving their parents behind now more than ever before. Previous generations saw children as devoted to their parents as their parents were to them. Now, things have changed.

According to Newsweek, “Rifts in families are becoming more common, particularly with adult children stopping contact with one or both parents … In 2020, research by sociologist Karl Pillemar shows that one in four Americans are estranged from their families — roughly 67 million people.”

As children grow older, instead of showing parents the same love they received, they are leaving them behind.

While showing children the importance of helping their parents is essential, it is also important to acknowledge that, in many situations, children are unable or unwilling to do so. In those instances, parents must be prepared to care for themselves.


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