Cheating women are moved by sight as well as words

Many men make excuses for cheating by claiming men are moved by sight. They tell you that men cheat because they are moved by what they see while women are moved by words because they are emotional.

I don’t know how these men think they know what tempts women without asking all women first. They speak from their own experience which is flawed when it comes to all women.

I don’t know how they think they can speak for all women because they have dated a few of us. It’s not every woman that is moved by words as some men claim.

Some women are moved by sight and by the presence of right bulges down there.

Some women are moved by money and material possessions.

Some women are moved to cheat by encountering intelligent and high flying career men.

Some women are tempted to cheat with successful business men who don’t take no for an answer.

Some other women are moved to cheat on their partners by men who can engage them in intelligent discussions.

Some women are moved to cheat by men who encourage them to go after their dreams.

Some women are moved to cheat by tall, handsome, and well built men. They drool over such men irrespective of their marital status.

So how did these men come up with this lie that women are moved by words?

We are also told to stop complaining about cheating husbands because men can have sex without falling in love with their side chicks while women attach emotions to sex.

Cheating women are moved by sight as well as words

Someone told me that ‘men are moved by sight, women are moved by words. He says that before a married woman starts cheating on her husband, it means she’s in love with the new person she’s sleeping with. He added that men can cheat without loving, but a woman can’t without loving, because women are more emotional than men.’

This is pure hogwash. Men and women should stop making these silly excuses for cheating men. Men cheat because they know they can get away with it.

A woman can’t cheat without loving, do prostitutes love all their customers? Saying that women fall in love with their side cocks is a lie.

Women are emotional, yes. It doesn’t automatically make them stupid or less deceptive. They can cheat and pretend well like men do.

Some women can make you swear to Amadioha that they are faithful wives because they can pretend well but they are chopping external penis and claiming virtuous women.

Women cheat without blinking too. Women are moved by sight too, they are not blind to hot men. Women are moved by different things and not by only words.

Men should know this and stop deceiving themselves that women are not moved by sight.



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