By this time last year, I was stuck in a burning building -Calabar Chic

Actress Calabar Chic is grateful to God for saving her life last December when she was stuck in a burning building.

Even after placing numerous calls to fire fighters, they didn’t show up. She could have died trapped in that burning building but God saved her life.

She’s thankful to God for preserving her life when all hope was lost.

This is her story:

“Please allow me to shine my incomplete 32 teeth. This God has been good to me!

This time last December 2016, I was struggling to survive, stuck in a burning building inhaling the superheated hot air and thick black smoke. I thought I had met my end but God said ‘not just yet my daughter.

Stuck in burning building

I had no idea if everyone was out of the building or burning alive in their rooms. Ohhhh i needed air! I screamed and banged on the wall cos I was blinded by the smoke. Disoriented, I couldn’t find the door.

Fire fighters nko? No they didn’t show up o! even with all the calls. And Nobody would agree to risk coming upstairs because of the intensity of the fire. At this point the fire was coming up through the walls from the room right beside mine.

Breathing got harder…i’m burning, my body was burning. I kept screaming ‘am I going to die like this?’ I kept asking myself.

I somehow struggled through, crawled past the burning room and fell down the stairs. I had few bruises to my knees and elbows.

It was better than waiting for the help that wasn’t coming. Till today, I still can’t answer the question HOW? How did I survive that!

Sometimes, when you think it’s all over, it’s really not. Just keep pushing your way through.

God gave me a second chance at life and I don’t take it for granted! I am grateful. I am a grateful child. I am blessed. I am highly favoured.”

God be praised.


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