Mo Abudu celebrates friend who got married at 50 and gave birth at 51

With God on your side and with a good heart, all things are surely possible says Mo Abudu who is happy because her friend recently gave birth to her first child at 51. Mo shared the story so that people would not give up when things look impossible and tough.

@moabudu wrote:

“My darling Viv, today I celebrate you and I thank God for your life and strength. What a testimony your life has become. You met and fell in love with JS as we fondly call him when you were about to turn 50. You guys got married. The most beautiful wedding ever.

Then came the wait for a child and you were so determined about having this child, we were worried because you had just turned 50 then. But you persisted and yesterday to the glory of God, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. How wonderful is that! Sweetheart God loves you specially to do all these wonderful things for you.

With God, all things are possible says Mo Abudu

Congratulations darling. JS thank you so much for making our friend so happy. Lord, thank you for your love, favor and kindness in the life of Viv and JS. I mean look at this beautiful pic of my darling Besto during her pregnancy and she is 51, incredible. I am also sharing this story to say, never ever give up and with God on your side and with a good heart, all things are surely possible.”

What a beautiful story this is. many people have been commenting on that post and thanking God for her friend.

@nana360 wrote: Oh wow! Awesome God…Thanks for sharing. I am so touched. With God, all things are possible.

@oreroluwa_sorunmu said: Wow. Nothing is too difficult for thee oh Lord!

@cemakdesigns wrote: He is the God of impossibility. Glory to God. Congratulations to your friend.

@sapphireajayi wrote: Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. truly inspiring.

@Duchesskk wrote: With God, all things are truly possible.

@georginaonuoha wrote: Wow…God is indeed faithful. Congrats to her, more grace and strength. God is still in the business of doing miracles. God is always the best. I am glad this is the first beautiful write up I read this morning.



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