Women, do you know that urine doesn’t come out from your vagina?

Woman, do you know you don’t pass out urine through your vagina?

This might come as a shock, but women have three holes—one for babies, one for poops, and one for urine.

The urethral hole is located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. This is where urine comes out from and from the vagina.

The Vagina

Babies come out from the vagina. Penis goes into the vagina as well as tampons and sanitary pads.

You must know however that urine doesn’t come out through this hole. Deep inside the vagina and all the way up is the closed opening of the uterus, or the cervix.

In a woman who’s not in labor, it feels round and smooth, like the tip of a nose. In labor it dilates or opens, but it is not attached to the bladder.

Women don’t pass out urine through the vagina

The urethra

This is a very tiny hole that leads to the bladder. It’s above the vagina (and below the clitoris) so, yeah, when women pee the pee does trickle around the area within the labia including the opening to the vagina.

The Anus

The anus is the opening to your rectum through which your bowel movements pass through from your intestines. The anus is not included with the other stuff beneath the folds of the labia; it’s on its own.

Women don’t pass out urine through the vagina

But the space between the anus and the vagina is known as the perineum. It is a flat stretch of skin and muscle that is stretched during childbirth.

The labia surrounds the urethra and vagina (with the clitoris is right at the very top of this little leaf-shaped area), not connected directly with the vagina and the furthest from the anus.

So, you probably didn’t know about this because many people men and women alike call all the areas around the vagina, vagina and women confuse themselves by thinking they urinate through their vaginas.

Do you still ask yourself where does urine come out of the female body? It is not from the vagina. You know it now. So, educate others.




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