Do Nigerian men know the true meaning of romance?

How many Nigerian men are romantic? Do they understand that being romantic is not having sex? Do they know how to truly sweep a woman off her feet?

How many Nigerian men know how to deeply connect with their girlfriends and wives? How many men are romantic these days?

I have listened to many women talk about their relationships and one thing strikes me all the time. These women complain that their men are not romantic. They don’t know what romance means to the women they are with.

Many men think that all a woman wants is money. They always tell women that they have given them money and they should quit complaining about them not being romantic. This is sad.

Are Nigerian men romantic?

If you truly love your woman, you will find out from her how she wants to be loved. Romance is important to many women and Nigerian men should learn to be romantic with their women.

This generation has lost the true meaning of romance. There are normal things a man should do for his woman in relationships that many people are praying for today. It shouldn’t be so.

Being romantic doesn’t require prayer points. You don’t need to pray for your man to show you love. And men these days need to learn the true act of romance and live it out.

It’s not every woman who is moved by money or material things. If you love her indeed, find out what makes her heart race faster. You should treat your love like a princess.

Show your woman how much you love her.
Listen to her inner yearnings. Learn how to love her the way she craves to be loved.
Kiss her neck, kiss her lips and kiss her body. Run your hands through her body just to make her relaxed.

Common men, embrace romance. Cook your woman her favourite food without her asking. It won’t make your penis disappear and serve her in bed.

Surprise her with gifts without her asking. Take her out to that place she always loves to go. That’s how to be a romantic man. It’s not subjecting your woman to heartbreaks.

Hold her hands, look into her eyes lovingly from time to time. Tell her she’s the best thing that happened to you sincerely and mean it.

Dear men, to love and respect the woman you love should be your priority. That is what makes you a real man.



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