Women who hate other women don’t like themselves

It’s obvious that women who hate other women only reveal what they feel truly feel about themselves. They hate themselves.

They don’t feel good about themselves so they project their anger and frustration on other women.

You won’t blame these women though because from an early age, girls are taught to compete against each other.

And these girls grow into women who believe that they have to compete with other women to feel important.

Women have been taught that they should all be vying for male attention throughout their lives and they accept this lie hook, line and sinker.

Women who hate other women hate themselves

So many women have been conditioned to see other women as threats instead of sisters. That is why they keep pulling one another down.

Women have been taught to break each other down and talk about each others’ weaknesses, imperfect bodies and shapes instead of encouraging one another.

Women are told that if the men in their lives are misbehaving, the other woman is responsible for it. No one talks about holding the man responsible for his actions.

Women have been brainwashed by this society to always see other women as their competition and they have to outdo one another.

They have been shown that the only way to abuse a woman is to body shame her. And they do this whenever such women try to rise above certain societal expectations.

But what these women don’t know is that when we hate each other, we are participating in all the garbage society throws at us.

When we fight each other, we are being divided so we won’t progress as a group of people.

Women, break the chains!

Together, we can achieve a lot.

Never bring down a fellow woman.

You are bringing yourself down too.

Together, we rise!

Bear in mind that women who hate other women don’t like themselves.

They hate themselves and that’s why they can comfortably bring down another woman.


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