4 years, 4 caskets, 4 burials, but something changed for Layole Oyatogun in 2018

Layole Oyatogun has been through a lot in her life. She has known loss and suffered constant pain from losing members of her family for the last four years but something changed last year.

Many people look back and recount their gains and losses at the end of each year. For some, they talk about how pleasant, successful and beautiful the past year has been. For others, they share their struggles and challenges so that other people can learn and do better in their own lives.

Media personality Layole Oyatogun has experienced the loss of loved ones consecutively for the past four years but she is grateful that there were no tears in 2018. She didn’t lose anyone, she didn’t visit the cemetery, her family didn’t bury anyone and she is optimistic that 2019 will be great for her.

While some people may be beating themselves up that they didn’t achieve anything last year, Layole Oyatogun is grateful for the life of her family members.

Layole Oyatogun has known loss

Read the testimony of Layole Oyatogun below:

4 years
4 Caskets
4 Burials
Consecutively, almost like it never missed the mark!!
Dad, Uncle, Step Mum, Mum
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

As feeble as my believe system was and had started to wane, I painfully had to learn to constantly say- God your thoughts towards me are good and not evil.
God was kind and merciful to me in 2018
This is my 2018 Testimony! While others are grateful for cars, houses, money, career,
I’m GRATEFUL that there were NO tears;
No visit to Ebony caskets
No visit to a morgue
No visit to Ikoyi cemetery

It had to only be God!!!!! 2019 you hear me?…you will answer to Me! I will call things as though they were and they will be (for sure). As cliche as it may sound I believe it’s my year.
No hate,
No shame
All gain
Cheers to 2019 Fam!”

Layole Oyatogun is a strong lady. May 20189 be better for her and her family.


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