10 ways low self esteem affects women in relationships

Many women have low self esteem. They go through life thinking they are not good enough, not intelligent enough; not beautiful enough and not deserving of love and good men.

Low self esteem affects women’s abilities to enjoy authentic, reciprocal relationships. These women don’t believe they are good enough and good men can’t choose them when it comes to relationships and marriage.

Women who think poorly of themselves have a way of indirectly sabotaging good relationships or settle for dysfunctional or abusive relationships. It is sad that these women don’t believe they deserve loving and beautiful relationships.

Here are 10 ways low self-esteem affects women in romantic relationships:

They look for love in the wrong places

Women who don’t have healthy self esteem constantly position themselves with distant, cold, or unavailable partners because these are the kind of men they settle for. They lack self confidence so they make do with any man who says hi to them. They possess the uncanny ability to find love in wrong places. These women give their time and energy to undeserving men in the hopes that they would love them back someday. That’s not ideal.

They are men crazy

With low self-esteem, it can seem as if nothing comes easily or naturally to some women. Because they don’t see themselves as naturally lovable, they feel like they have to fight and strive to get the attention of men. They think if they don’t go all the way to get men, they won’t get relationships. Unfortunately, this can make them obsessed, consumed and infatuated with their object of affection in a way that ruins the ability to have good relationships.

They are always guarded

Women who don’t believe they deserve the love of good men are unable to trust their partners because they are always guarded. They may be hesitant and afraid of allowing themselves to love so they either abandon their partners before they can be abandoned. They don’t allow themselves get fully into a relationship in the first place because they believe that without trust, they probably won’t be betrayed. They are deeply afraid of exposing themselves to the possibility of being hurt.

How low self esteem affects women in relationships

They are scared of intimacy

Women who have low self esteem are scared of intimacy. They get scared as their relationship progresses because intimacy feels so foreign and fake. Instead of allowing themselves feel intimate with good men and feel loved, they back away and become more distant emotionally and even shut down sexually.

They test men who truly love them

These women allow their insecurities to guide their emotions and actions. They don’t believe that good men would them. They question the love their partners have for them.

They don’t believe they can be truly loved so they test their partner every chance they get so that these men can demonstrate their value which these women don’t believe anyway. They act unlovable in good relationships which may cause breakup.

They seek financial safety

These women are willing to surrender their hopes for a beautiful connection with their partners to guarantee financial safety. They feel the need to trap men with looks, sex or other physical resources while hiding shameful parts of themselves. This keeps them in control of their abilities to please a man without having to give away their heart.

They wait to be rescued

Women who have low self esteem feel helpless and lost. They fantasize a lot about being rescued by a knight in shining armor. They expect that this man will arrive and rescue them out of their lives many troubles and make everything better. Even if their partner are true, consistent, and loving in a way different from what they envisaged, they may dismiss their efforts and find dramatic ways to sabotage the relationship.

They settle for less

They are willing to commit themselves men who express little interest in them. They don’t have standards or deal breakers. They are less discriminating about who they choose as mates. They may even be willing to put up with bad behavior that doesn’t satisfy them, because they feel lucky to have anyone at all, even though they are aware they are not happy.

They operate in disbelief

As a means of protecting themselves, women with low self esteem assume dishonesty from honest partners which destroys their relationships. They believe no person can be trusted. They do this to justify their feelings of suspicions and unbelief.

They thrive in insecurity

Some women are familiar with being left, being cheated on, and being treated poorly. They gravitate toward relationships where they are able to feel this familiar insecurity. When it’s not there, they create it. If their relationship becomes too secure, they may become disinterested and bored. They are so used to working to save insecure relationships. They push their relationships to the brink so that they can artificially create experiences of insecurities.




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