Ruth Kadiri advises single actresses to build relationships before they become famous

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri recently dished out some relationship advice to her colleagues in the Industry on her Instastories.

She particularly advised single Nollywood actresses to start a relationship now before they become famous as it may becomes harder when they eventually hit stardom.

Here are the posts Ruth Kadiri shared:

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri

Dear upcoming actresses, while you struggle to build your career, if you are one of those who will eventually want to settle down, learn to build relationships side-by-side. It’s hard but try. Don’t wait until you are a star. Fame is a mirage, you don’t know when it will come. When it eventually does, time might not be your friend anymore.

If you fight other women to date a man, fight other women to marry him, my sis, don’t get it twisted, your battles are not over yet. You will need more manpower to secure your territory. Please darling stop saying things like fight for your man. Know your worth, stop fighting battles unnecessarily.

I have no circle in the industry, it’s intentional. be friends with all but rid me of your circle syndrome. I am not in your circle but do you know me, yes. My name is Ruth Kadiri and that is more than enough. Understand your worth and you will overcome the endless circle of bullshit.

Ruth Kadiri, a scriptwriter and actress, was born on 24 March 1988 in Edo State, Nigeria. She is the first born in her family. She is the founder of the”Ruth Kadiri Kids” foundation that empowers less privileged kids all over the country. She has worked with prominent entertainment stars which has helped paved a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry.

Ruth Kadiri holds a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications and Business Administration from the University of Lagos. She also holds a National Diploma from the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.


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