The only meaningful apology senator Elisha Abbo owes Nigerians is his resignation

The only meaningful apology senator Elisha Abbo owes Nigerians is his resignation says Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie.

Okoloeze stated that the fact that the bleaching senator went back to the sex toy shop to ask for CCTV footage for the day of his disgraceful and violent behaviour shows that he’s not truly remorseful for what he did.

She also stated that the fact that he never apologized for slapping a lady repeatedly until the video of his assault was released shows how not sorry he is. He only apologized because he was caught on camera.

Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie wrote:

“To think that Senator Caro-White Abbo actually went bage and never ‘ombully apologised for a slap he delivered in March; until the CCTV was released a couple of days, tells me exactly how sorry he is.

Senator Elisha Abbo

As in, “I am sorry you all are a bunch of gullible so and sos, but don’t worry. My party supporters on social media will shriek down the ears of anyone who insists the apology is as useful as a piece of tissue paper that has already been used to wipe runny diarrhea, folded, wiped with again, folded for the second time, and wiped with again for the third time”.

Thunder fire you and your apology Senator Whiter-Than-His-Destiny.

The only meaningful “apology” in this instance, is resignation.

You are an animal.

A brute.

I don’t care if you patronise all the commercial sex workers and sex toy shops in Abuja; but we all saw you slapping a woman around for asking you to “take it easy”.

Is it her fault the local girls you brought to ir fault the local girls you brought to impress inside sex toy shop have never experienced Abuja level chilled air conditioners?

Once again, the only reasonable apology we want to hear, is a resignation.

Thunder fire “ambassador of Christ”.

You will soon tell us the sort of evangelism you were planning to conduct with a dildo.”

I agree with her. He should resign. It will serve as a warning to other women beaters who think that being men means exerting their power over defenseless women. Elisha Abbo doesn’t deserve to be a senator.


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