How some women dealt with husbands who were beating them

I recently read how some women took matters into their own hands and dealt with husbands who were beating them.

These stories are hilarious as they are sad. Marriage isn’t supposed to be a place of violence and beatings.

I always advocate walking away from a violent marriage with your life and freedom intact. This is because fighting back might lead to the death of your abuser and you will end up in jail for murder.

Dear women in abusive and violent marriages, leave to live. Leave to be free to live your best life and raise your children. You don’t have to resort to violence to keep a man and a marriage.

How some women dealt with husbands who were beating them

Anyways, enjoy these stories:

1. My husband would beat me and I’ll be crying like a baby until an older woman taught me how to fight back.

One day, he was going to hit me and I dodged it. As he was coming to get me, I kicked him in the groin, as he bent down to hold his dick in pain, I gave him an uppercut, pushed him on the ground and ran. I grabbed my wallet, my car keys and ran to the police.

To cut the story short, that was the last time he put his hands on me. Sometimes, all you need to end abuse is courage.

2. Whenever my husband beats me, I will send some men to beat him back when he is coming back from work. When my husband noticed this, he stopped beating me.

3. My husband is fond of slapping me around and beating me for no reason. I devised a means to deal with him. Whenever he beats me, I lace his food with laxatives and he will live in the toilet for days. Let me see if he can beat me when he doesn’t have energy.

4. My husband has been a violent person while we were dating but e would always apologize and I would forgive him. We got married and he continued beating me. One day, I stood up to him by tying him up when he was asleep and beating him blue black afterwards. That was the last time the coward laid his hands on me. Sometimes, you have to take a stand and stop some nonsense

5. If you don’t learn to defend yourself, you’ll die trying to be be submissive to one son of Nebuchadnezzar that doesn’t even know your worth. I wonder why a man will raise hand on his wife. I defended myself by almost biting off his fingers and they were switched later on. He started calling me a mad dog but I didn’t care. No man will kill me for my aged mother.

In my opinion, any man who is always beating a woman is a coward and a bloody weakling.

And those people who are always asking, what did she do for her husband to be beating her all the time are enablers of evil.


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