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Your wife cheated on you, so what?


Your wife cheated, so what? Do you think that after she married you, she became blind, deaf and dumb? Are you still the same man she married? Will you swear by Amadioha and Sango that you have not perused another hole since you married her? Is her oil rig the only work site you have explored after you got married? What makes you think that she should keep tolerating your excesses while you can’t do the same?

Nigerian men need to take a chill pill. What is all this noise everywhere about cheating women? Why are you guys complaining that women are now taking the reins of the game from you? Why are you guys jittery over the thought of another man, preferably a handsome one with six packs and the right size of weapon grinding your women?

What are you doing about it? Or better still, what do you want to do about it? Gone are the days when you keep threatening to send a woman back to her father’s house if she dares call her male co-worker in your presence not to talk of staying alone with him in a hotel room.

You guys must know that times have changed. Women have changed. Men have changed and even the society has changed. It is no longer business as usual for men who believe they have the monopoly of cheating on their women.

Some of these men go to the point of calling their babes in the presence of their wives, daring these women to do their worst. Some of the men don’t spare their wives, friends, sisters and even nieces, yet nobody frowns at the actions of these men who are hurting their women.

And people keep telling these women to turn a blind eye with these phrases: ‘’Men are polygamous by nature.’’ ‘’Thank God he doesn’t bring them home.’’ ‘’A wise woman builds her home with her hands.’’ ‘’Pray and fast for God to change him.’’ ‘’Check yourself to see what you did wrong to push him outside.’’ ‘’Watch war room and turn to God.’’

These days, women are no longer ready to take cheating lying down and men are crying all over the place. They are quoting Bibles with the veins on their faces threatening to burst. If it doesn’t work, they quote culture and tradition just to put fear in women about exploring foreign fields like men do. But things are no longer the same.

Wife caught cheating

Dear Nigerian men, if your wife is cheating on you, fast and pray for her to change. There’s nothing God cannot do. Prayers change things. Prayer is the master key. You should endure in prayers.


Men need to understand that Nigerian women are polyandry by nature. It is in the nature of women to cheat. A woman decides whether she wants to cheat or not. There’s nothing men can do about it. It has been like this for ages and it won’t change anytime soon.

If as a man, you find a woman who doesn’t cheat on you, then you are just lucky. But stop giving yourself unnecessary heartache checking her phones or keeping a prying eye on her. You may discover something that will give you heart attack and she doesn’t need you to die suddenly.

If your wife cheats on you, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. A woman can love and respect you but still cheat on you. That is the way of life. It just means that she wants to explore. She can’t keep eating the same soup every day.  As long as she still respects you by at least being discreet with her sexcapades, and still plays her roles as a wife, I see no reason you should get worked up over it.

It is absurd to divorce your wife just because she cheated on you. That is like leaving Nigeria for Ghana because of rain. It rains everywhere. How many do you want to marry? The next woman might even be worse.

If your wife cheats on you, you should check yourself and find out what you are doing wrong. There must be something you did to push her out. It is up to you to win her back. You should also fight the bobos to stay off your wife. They are home breakers.

Don’t put her away. Divorce is not an option. God hates divorce. You are expected to forgive and forget just as she has been doing. Are you no longer a Christian? If she cheats on you, you should endure it. Is endurance no longer the language of many Nigerian marriages?

You must work to get her back by cooking her favourite food. Then serve her on bended knees. If you don’t know what her favourite food is or how to prepare it, you are on a long thing.

Don’t confront her about the affair. Be respectful. Talk to her when she’s calm and don’t raise your voice. She might decide to leave with the fine boy and not return. You have to start intense prayers. You must pray against agents of darkness trying to destroy your home.

Then take a good look at your body and see if your six packs have turned to multiple folds. You must hit the gym immediately to get your body back. Otherwise the men with the right packs in the right places will snatch your woman.

You have to invest in sexy boxers, red ones preferably and dazzle your wife with different sexual positions so that she won’t be tempted by fuck boys.

How are you lately in bed? Do you give her the pleasure she truly deserves? Are you flexible in bed? Do you know how to work her body that she screams and moans and asking for more? If your answer is no, you have a big problem. You need to up your game and make love to her in different, latest styles. If you slack, she will be gone forever.

Register in the gym to get your body back. Your six packs will keep her by your side. She won’t be tempted to look outside for fine boys that she will be drooling over their bodies even while having sex with you.

You must allow her to hang out with the girls anytime she wants. Why should she be cooked up every time at home running after your children, wiping runny noses and cleaning urine and poop? If she comes home by, be happy. Open the door for her with a smile and serve her hot food.

Here is the big one. Don’t forget to watch Fireproof. It’s a Christian movie that teaches married men how to fire proof their marriages from adultery with fiery prayers.

You need to diligently take note of the lessons from that movie and apply them to your marriage. You should remember that a wise man keeps his home with his hands. Fight for your marriage, man.

Learn to pamper your wife because women are babies. Women are babies who shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. If they cheat, overlook it. It’s the baby in them that pushed them into sleeping with other men. It’s just sex. There’s no big deal. Deal with it and move on.

Don’t listen to the men telling you to send her away because she cheated on you. They are home breakers. They are just jealous of the kind of relationship you have with your wife. Learn to solve your marital issues together without getting people involved. Your wife is your crown or cross. If you leave because she cheated on you, do you know what the next women would do to you?

Suck it in. You are a man. Your marriage is your life. Thank God she’s not bringing the guys with big penis home. As long as she is still performing her wifely duties, taking care of you, cooking for you and caring for the family, just let it be. Cheating doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Sex is just sex. It means nothing to her.

Nigerian men should know that when a woman cheats, it is not with ordinary eyes. It may be that her lover used a powerful charm on her. And we know how potent charms are, that is why prayers are very important in battling cheating wives.

Men with cheating wives should not put them away. They have to console themselves with the fact that they are still husbands and the other party is just a fling, it’s nothing serious. The woman just needs to gather experience from her lovers that will help their sex life afterwards.

And if these men can’t handle this issue alone, they have to get pastors, Imams, native doctors and famous prophets involved. These spiritual figures will assist them. These men must be committed to praying back home to win their wandering vagina wives no matter how long it takes.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you don’t change your ways, you might end up pushing your beautiful wives into the hands of hot, romantic and handsome men. How will you feel? Will you be able to sleep at night?

It is time for Nigerian men to wake their wives at midnight, kneel down to ask them what they are doing wrong to push them outside into the big, willing arms of sensuous young men. They should ask these cheating wives what they can do to remedy the situation. It may be just a small thing and when you apply it, you will live happily ever after.

Men of nowadays are just too impatient. They forget that patience is a virtue needed for a happy home. If they keep preaching this gospel of endurance and patience to women when they cheat, they should be men enough to receive same too from their women.

Why do men send cheating wives packing? Is the marriage no longer for better or for worse? What will happen to your children if you send your wife away just because she cheated? Have you thought of what will happen to your children? How are you going to cope with them? What will you tell them happened between you and your wife? Do you want to be a single father? Society will frown at you. Do the needful and forgive.

Many times, women with cheating husbands are given all manner of advice. They are told to check themselves to see what they are doing wrong to push their husbands outside. It is time for men to start checking themselves too. They should seek new ways to spice up their relationships to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Women are not smiling these days. If you can’t stay faithful to your wedding vows, don’t get married. If you demand faithfulness and fidelity from your wife, make sure you are also doing the same. Marriage is not a joke. Keep your vows. Don’t keep hurting your woman and expect her to keep forgiving and forgetting. Are you a learner?

Dear Nigerian men, fight for your marriages. Marriage is for better or for worse. God hates divorce. Forgive and forget. With all these tips, I believe you will win her back from the wicked marriage-breaking, wife-stealing side cock threatening to snatch your wives.

I pray God gives Nigerian men the wisdom to understand that cheating is not enough reason for divorce. Men and women have the tendency to chop and clean mouth. Men should know this and allow their wives explore beautiful fields too.

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  2. Moby Sugar says

    Hahaha, I guess men and terrible advisors can hear how absurd the words coming out of their mouths sound when they say the same things! ?? Enjoyed this thorougly!

    1. Kate says

      Don’t mind them. They are quick to say it but they can’t take the same.

  3. Tolulope says

    I love, love, love.
    Let’s see how it feels, being told to take your own advice. Thanks Kate.

    1. Kate says

      That’s the idea Tolulope

  4. kbabs says

    Kudos to you Katie for this perspective, making men see how absurd the excuses our society gives for our cheating men.

    1. Kate says

      Thank you Kbabs.

  5. obinna says

    You feel you’ve spoken well? there’s need for you Kate to get your brain checked and without being told,i know who you are.

    Irrespective of what men do,knowing fully well that it’s wrong to cheat on your wife for what ever reason/s,your advise is completely out of it.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Kate says

      Obinna, you are the one who needs an immediate brain check. Since you are so stupid that you can’t make sensible comments, take your madness elsewhere. If you don’t want a cheating wife, don’t cheat and justify it. Women can cheat and women cheat too. Deal with it and stop living in a fool’s paradise. Again, you need a brain check.

  6. thickcurvy stallion says

    lol, its only a man who doesnt know his worth that fights for his marriage. lol on my part ooh, my marriage fights for me.

    1. Kate says

      It is only a woman who doesn’t know her worth that fights to keep a marriage with an irresponsible man. Marriage is not a joke.

  7. Joseph says

    You are really a feminist. But this is just purely anti-male. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Cheating is bad for both husband and wife. What you are saying now that Both men and women should tolerate their cheating partners. You are only promoting promiscuity in this case. I rest my case.

    1. Kate says

      Lol. Save your sermon for your fellow men. If cheating is wrong, condemn it from both genders. If women are expected to forgive men any time they cheat on them, men should do the same. Stop talking from both sides of your mouth. Stop being a hypocrite. I am a feminist. I am a feminist. I am a feminist. Deal with it!

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