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To share or not to share passwords?


One of the ways couples keep trust alive in their relationships is by sharing passwords to their phones, emails, and social media accounts. While it has worked for some, others argue that it is not a good idea to share your password with your lover or spouse.

Here are interesting responses from 5 couples about sharing passwords in relationships.

Nneka: Sharing passwords doesn’t improve relationships

I don’t believe in sharing passwords. I didn’t give mine to my partner and I didn’t request for his. I don’t see the need to do so. To me, it doesn’t improve one’s relationship. If you have trust issues with your partner, talk about it and deal with it. The only way to manage healthy personal space is to deal with those trust issues the moment they start coming up.

The minute you feel the need to be reassured that you can trust your partner, you need to start the conversations about your faith in yourself, the relationship and him. All a password gains you is access to a can of worms in your own head.

Tobi: Exchanging passwords is an exercise based on trust

Although I don’t feel comfortable exchanging passwords with trustworthy family members and long-term friends, I feel comfortable exchanging access to our personal information with my boyfriend of two years. It’s an exercise based on trust. If you have nothing to hide, why would you want to hide your password? Knowing someone has access to your most private things can keep you honest.


Chimezie: I can never give my wife my passwords

This is not going to happen. I can never give my wife my password, for what? Women should know their place. You don’t have the right to demand for passwords from your husband. That’s disrespect. I have a right to have hers, but she can’t request for min. I am her head. I married her and paid her dowry, so she is answerable to me. All these new generation women are just so disrespectful.

Onyinye: My husband won’t give me his password, so I changed mine after giving it to him

In the past, I exchanged my passwords with my husband but later changed it because he won’t give me his. It caused a fight between us but I stood my grounds. If he wants transparency, he should lead by example. He has unsuccessfully tried to log into my mail and Facebook account but I get notifications each time he tries. We are in this marriage together and we should be on the same page.

Victor: Why do I want to cause problems for myself by giving my wife my passwords?

Marriage is not for children. Any woman who can’t trust her husband should not get married to begin with. Why do I want to cause problems for myself by giving my wife my passwords? I won’t try it. She will turn around to use everything there against me. I know my wife, she’s too possessive. When she stylishly suggested it, I told her no. I also refused to have hers. It’s her private life. I don’t believe exchanging passwords translates to a better relationship. Sometimes, it’s better not to know some things to save yourself and your partner some heartache.


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