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Good husbands are hard to find these days


Good husbands make good marriages but ladies say that good husbands are hard to find these days.

Husbands need to up their game so that their wives can enjoy their marriages. This is an open letter to married men.


1. Dear Married Man, good husbands don’t just pay the bills. They give mind blowing sex, they help to raise godly kids, wear tight fitting trousers(for their wives), they give mind blowing head & still make heaven.

2. Dear Married man, forget about controlling your wife. Just get a grip on your ego, drop that “headship” mentality and realise that your wife is as good as you are (in some cases, even better).

3. Dear Married man, look at your wife with the lenses of righteousness in Christ Jesus. She may have some wrong doings but do not focus on the wrong doings but rather focus on the Christ in her. In other words, focus on her positives and not the negatives. Do this in wisdom!

4. Dear Married man, familiarity has the tendency of taking things for granted: our family and especially our wives. Replace nagging with appreciation.


5. Dear Married man, be the number one FAN of your wife. Support her in all her interests. Ensure you decree greatness in all her endeavours. Don’t allow other men to do this for you. Be the first and best at this.

6. Dear Married men, as Christ is love so are you. As Christ is forgiveness so are you. Do not punish your wife by refusing her sex. No matter what she does, massage her, take some of the chores on her behalf, take her out for dinner and buy her something nice. You are not a fool! You care for your marriage.

7. Dear Married man, decide that loving is intentional and intentionally love your partner. Find out what love means to your partner and give it. Don’t assume a common definition of love. What is love to you may not be for her.
Portray the love she yearns.

8. Dear Married man, in this age where technology is supposed to break homes, use this same technology to build your home. Text your wife some hot messages as a shadow of the things awaiting her at home.

9. Dear Married man, don’t focus on the competition outside the home and get bitter. You are not the only man who Loves your wife. Focus on your wife and
give her the best of treatment always; especially when you think she doesn’t deserve it.

10. Dear Married men, don’t become a prison for your wives. When it gets to the point where she needs space grant it to her. There is freedom in true love. Over protective love is false and destructive. Use those periods to better yourself. Grow a beard and join the sexy beard gang, go to the gym and develop your one pack to a six packs, read a good book. Be your sweetest self when she returns home. You are always the winner.

11. Dear Married man, be the curious and creative type but do not always initiate lovemaking especially when your woman says she has a headache. When that happens, seduce her by putting on a sexy mankini, giving a slow strip tease and a lapdance. It will not make you less of a man or a woman wrapper. Join in the creativity, make your marriage fun.

12. Dear Married man, challenges may come in your marriage. Instead of letting it tatter you, you decide to make the best, look your best, love your best in the face of challenges. Guess what the Christ in you is the best. So you can’t be any less.

13. Dear Married man, the fact that you have started to make money does not mean you can start to nurse an eternal nine months pregnancy. You can start small. Discipline yourself. Check your weight. Don’t eat junk food. Reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages. Take brisk walks. Exercise your body and be in good shape for your wife.

14. Dear Married man, marriage is not the end of hot fashion. Marriage is not tagged with old ladyship. That your wife wears a long gown does not mean she is holy. She will continue to dress well. Wear skimpy and sexy wears and look presentable. Let the young ladies check her up for the latest trend!

15. Dear Married man, even when you’re tired from work, be sensitive to your woman’s bedly needs. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Don’t lazy yourself in front of her. It’s a bad signal. Be in readiness to satisfy her at all times. Don’t give her reasons to look elsewhere.

16. A man of valour who can find? He has a heart of platinum. Patient, forgiving and long suffering, he gives his best even in the worst. He loves like no Love other even at the most undeserving times.

17. He is love. He is forgiveness. He is support. He is prayer. He is wisdom. He is your dream lover. He fathers the world (figuratively, not literally). He is as Jesus is, so precious. He is loyal and strongly soaked in the word. He rightly fits everywhere!

Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie


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