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What to do when friends betray you


It hurts like hell when friends betray you. Almost everyone have had a fair share of betrayal from friends.

When a friend betrays you, you feel like dying. Sometimes you wonder how to confront a friend who has betrayed you and at other times, you just ignore them.

When I was in secondary school, I was betrayed by my best friend. We were friends for a while and became very close.

We would visit each other occasionally and even shared some secrets with each other.

But I didn’t know she was not my friend. She was dating my boyfriend behind my back. I didn’t know something like that was happening until my boyfriend’s best friend felt pity for me and told me what they were both doing to me.

I was crushed. I was devastated. I cried for days. I confronted my boyfriend and he didn’t deny it. He told me that he was glad I found out because he had been thinking of how to tell me that his father doesn’t want him to have anything to do with a girl from my tribe.

I felt like breaking his head there and then but I restrained myself. I wished both of them luck and left. But karma dealt with those two slimy people for me. They were planning to get married but it didn’t happen.

He didn’t marry her. He dumped her and traveled abroad. He’s married now with children. I laugh whenever I remember that incident. It taught me to trust only myself. But one can’t be too careful with such things as you don’t know where and when someone can betray you.


I don’t know why people betray others but I can’t stand such people. I keep them far from me. They don’t know that when they betray someone who loves and trusts them, they would lose the person’s trust for life.

Sometimes, you don’t know what to say to a friend who betrayed you. You just deal with the pain and move on. At other times, you tell them bad things out of anger or even curse them because of the pain you are feeling.

Women should all learn how to handle backstabbing friends because they are many these days looking for who to bring down while forming friendship withe the person.

It hurts when friends betray you

The next time a friend betrays you, take these steps to heal your pain and avoid worsening the situation.

1. Feel the full emotional effect of the betrayal.

2. Find out if the person has always been that way.

3. Look at the whole picture more clearly and calmly.

4. Don’t overreact, you might regret it later.

5. If you want to maintain the friendship, talk to the person, if not, just move on with your life.

6. When talking to the friend who betrayed you, if they sound defensive, without feeling remorse, you know what to do.

7. If someone breaks your trust twice, it is better to cut off the person totally from your life.

8. Don’t trust people blindly anymore. Test everyone who comes into your life afterwards.

9. Learn to keep some things to yourself. Nobody should know everything about you.

10. Do not put yourself in a position where anyone can use your secrets against you. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to others, they will take advantage of you.



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  2. Helen Udunze says

    I’ve been there, I learned my lesson henceforth and I maintain my lane.

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