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Nothing is permanent in life including marriage


I read somewhere that marriage is permanent and couples should do everything possible to make their marriages work. I just laughed. There’s nothing permanent in this life, marriage is not an exception.

Many people go into marriages thinking it will last forever but we know that many things happen along the line that cause couples to go their separate ways.

That doesn’t mean that people whose marriages didn’t work out or last for decades are bad people. And it is wrong to tell couples whose relationships have become toxic to work it out.

It is true that marriage is not a walk in the park. It is through that challenges will come when two different people from different backgrounds come together for life.

But you can’t force two people who no longer want to be together to make their marriage work by all means. One of them might end up killing the other.

When anger, bitterness, resentment and violence rules in any union, it is advisable that the people involved part ways amicably. There’s no point shaming divorcees and claiming there is no dignity being a divorcee.

Is there dignity in being a toxic marriage and celebrating years of marriage anniversaries based on lies and deceit? And that part that no divorcee is truly happy is laughable.

Nothing is permanent in life including marriage

This is the reason many men and women are dying in bad marriages. People won’t stop shaming divorcees.
If you claim no divorcee is truly happy, what about men and women who left violent and abusive partners and escaped with their lives intact? Are they miserable?


What about men and women who partners who have been humiliating them for years, are you saying they are not happy leaving such toxic marriages.

Let us be careful about we say regarding relationships and marriages. There is no one size fits all when it comes to marriages. Stop telling people to make their marriages work at all costs when it is clear they are dying there.

Marriage is not permanent. Even if someone takes all the precautions in choosing their life partner, things can still go wrong. People change, people mix with the wrong crowd and they do things you won’t expect them to do.

That’s life and life is unpredictable. Nothing is permanent in life including marriage.


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