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HER BROKEN SOUL 2: Living in a loveless marriage


After Husband man got married to his new wife who would give him ten sons, he started to punish his first wife. He became a tyrant to her, the wife of his youth and their five children.

He started starving her and the children because he wanted to frustrate her to leave but she persisted. He resorted to giving her stipends to care for five children. He would punish the children for any little offence just to provoke her.

He would give his second wife money to buy food stuffs in bulk and display them for the first wife and her kids to see. She would cook two pots of soup with assorted meat while the first wife and her children don’t have enough to eat.

Husband man and his new wife would buy things and load in the fridge and lock it. They won’t even the children of the first wife to drink cold water from the fridge. It was that bad. But no matter how far he went in his quest to frustrate and punish first wife to leave, she held on to their marriage.

First wife had twin girls three years earlier. Husband man abandoned her in the hospital because he hoped they would twin boys that will boost his status as a Chief. He even refused to name these girls. he was determined to punish and frustrate his first wife.

Two out of the four girls still alive from the children of the first wife have sickle cell anaemia. But father of sons doesn’t even care about their health today but he has the nerve to collect their bride price and even dictate when their suitors can perform marriage rites.

Husband man would punish first wife so that she would leave

Husband Man kept punishing his first wife so that she would leave with her children because he was tired of fending for her, but she didn’t move. Her church mummy told her that the second wife was a strange woman who God will chase out of her marriage by fire. First wife was encouraged to continue fasting and praying for her husband to change.

She held on to her loveless marriage and continued suffering at the hands of this man who had promised her the world when they got married 17 years earlier. She endured beatings, humiliation, accusations and name calling from his family members too but she refused to leave.


First wife’s children watched her cry. They watched her starve so that they could eat. They watched her fast for days asking God for intervention. They watched her colour fade away. Her beauty diminished as the days went by. She was nothing like the mom they knew but she still refused to leave husband man to enjoy his marriage to his new wife.

Husband man started beating her repeatedly. He would beat and injure her. He would lock her out when she comes home from church. He would accuse her of having affairs with her pastors. But he couldn’t get her to leave with all his tactics. She buried herself deeper in the church and drowned her pains with many church activities. She prayed more, she fasted more but things didn’t change.

Frustrated and tired of seeing her in his house with everything he does to punish her, husband man chased her round the house with a cutlass one day. She escaped being butchered but she didn’t leave afterwards. She had no money. She had nowhere to go. She was ashamed to go back to her family. She kept praying and hoping things would change. But things got worse instead.

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