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Homeless woman refuses to pay rent because ‘she’s so hot’


A homeless woman in Australia reveals she is using her ‘pretty privilege’ to get around paying rent.

Young people around the world are currently feeling the brunt of the housing crisis, from skyrocketing rents, grotty house shares and petty landlords, it’s safe to say that finding a home is brutal at the moment.

This conundrum gets even worse for self-employed people, who often have extra holes to jump through when finding a home – often having to pay several months of rent upfront as a deposit.

However, 25-year-old Emily Webb, who resides in the Gold Coast in Australia, has found a creative way around being homeless, revealing that she’s been using dating apps to find a place to stay each night.

Sharing her experience in a viral post on TikTok, Emily said: “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my money on rent all this time.

“Life hack: if you’re hot, don’t ever pay rent.”

Emily Webb went on to explain that she had been sourcing dates through apps such as Hinge and then heading back with to her date’s house so she has a place to crash for the night.

Emily Webb thinks she's hot to pay rent


“I’ve been on dating apps finding different guys’ places to stay with, and it is going surprisingly well,” she continued, adding that she doesn’t reveal her situation to the men.

“I don’t usually tell them – I don’t want to put pressure on anyone,” the OnlyFans creator explained.

“I don’t mention that I’m homeless and I don’t think I look homeless.”

Emily’s creative solution to the housing crisis left viewers divided, with several people calling her out for exploiting her ‘pretty privilege’, while others shared their concerns for her safety.

However the TikToker has since defended her actions to, explaining that her OnlyFans is profitable with over 100,000 followers and is able to pay around $1000 AUD (£524) a week on rent, but she has still been unlucky in the housing market, despite even offering to fork out up to a year upfront.

“I’ve offered to pay rent six and 12 months in advance and still had no luck,” she said, adding that she also stays with her friends several nights a week.

“I have so many friends on the Gold Coast, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome or be a burden, but I don’t mind being a burden to random men.”

When it comes to a long-term solution, Emily is aware that she can’t use Hinge to find a place to stay forever, but is happy testing the ‘boundaries of pretty privilege’ for now.

“You’re only single and hot once and I love taking advantage of it anywhere it cam,” she said.

“I’m just applying for apartments and it gives me the space to be picky. I just realized I’m fine without a place. I feel like any day I could have a rental. I’m not extremely stressed.”


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